Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The Auntie's Visit!

So you all know my high school besties by now, we have been best friends since we were 13!
We have been through it all! So when Miss Elise came into this world they could not get here fast enough. They were planning on coming on my due date (June 22) but when I went to the doc on the 21st and I was still only 1cm we decided to wait until the next weekend. Aaaand of course then Miss Elise decided to come on the 23....talk about some happy yet sad Aunties! 
So they came in town this past Friday and it was such a wonderfully relaxing weekend!!
Here Elise and I are all dressed up and ready for them to get here! 
(It was so awesome to get into a dress I haven't worn in MONTHS!!) 
 So excited to finally get there hands on her! 
 And her Auntie Katie (on the left) is Elise's Godmother! I remember one drunken night in college Katie told me that she was going to be my first child's Godmother....that was the first thing she said when I told her I was pregnant! HA! 
I have no doubt she will be an awesome Godmother to our sweet baby girl!! 

And of course they came baring lots of goodies!
 All the girls!

And Katie was like the paparazzi with baby girl....and I was totally okay with it because she kept getting fabulous pictures!
Like this one!
 And one with her in her FABULOUS hat that Auntie Meredith gave her! :)
I mean, really, how cute is that?!?!
 And it's Tummy Time!! Which she actually likes most of the time....and she lifts her head and uses her legs like crazy! I love it!
 And then she decided it was nap time....
 Then we had girl time in bed while I pumped....and of course Maylie girl was hanging out with us! :)
 Another fabulous picture from Katie P! And my fun new app (thanks Aliya!)
Isn't she beautiful!?
 I'm one week old!! 
(Which I took some special pictures which I will share soon!)
 Showing off one of her new outfits!
 Cuddling up with Daddy....seriously, she is such a Daddy's Girl! 
His shoulder is her favorite place!!
It was such a fun weekend and so great to hang out with my girls and drink vino and oogle and awe over my little Angel Bones! :) And laugh until I spit said vino out and play with Meredith oh so fabulous hair and just relax...inside of course, it was 100+ degrees every day!! Just reminds me how thankful I am to have these ladies in my life! We are so blessed to still be besties after 15+ years! I love you ladies with my whole heart!!!
Can't wait for them to come back!!!


Natalie said...

What sweet friends!! Elise is lucky to have such fab aunties :)

You look wonderful too!

asj said...

looks like a blast and you're looking great and Elise is beautiful as always! hope you're loving every minute! :)

Pajama Diaries said...

so beautiful!

Amy Silver said...

That pink beanie hat picture is ADORABLE!! Sounds like you have some great friends :)

Anonymous said...

Sounds like all of the girls had a good time!! Elise made out on her cute new gifts. Love your dress..very cute!

Megan said...

I seriously love these photos!! She is too cute!! (& I need that app!!)

How special that you have all been friends for so long!! So nice they made the trip to you guys!! :)

Joanna said...

Hi Sarah! Just stumbled upon your blog and I'm so glad I did. Love reading your sweet baby posts (She is so cute) and reading about your pregnancy updates. I'm 22 weeks and love all the inspiration!