Monday, July 30, 2012

Jenny Crafton is married!!

We had the wedding of Jenny Crafton & Calen Jones this weekend and what a fabulous weekend it was!! 
It was also our first night away from baby girl....and it was very hard....for Momma and Daddy, E was fabulous!

 Friday night my folks watched her at our house as we headed out for the Rehearsal Dinner. 
It was so fun to get all dressed up again....and be able to wear a pre-pregnancy skirt!! Sweet!
Us at the church...
 The dinner was at Sambuca in their new event space, it's upstairs with all these floor to ceiling windows overlooking downtown was gorgeous!!! Seriously, one of the most fabulous rehearsal dinners I have ever been to!!

With the pretty pretty bride!
 My hot date!

 My bestie and her hot date!

 Their special menu
 I had the was sooooooo yummy!!
 Damn red wine teeth....

 All dressed and ready!!
 I mean how stunning is she?!?! And that dress?!?!

 The gorgeous couple!
And Katie P came up for it!!

 yummy cake!
 yes....there were shots...

We had an absolutely fabulous time and it was such a gorgeous and amazing wedding! it was so fun to have a night out with all our good friends!
Saturday night little bit stayed at her Mimi and Papa's for the parents are amaaaaazing!!...I know they had a big time! 
We couldn't get there soon enough this morning, we ran and swooped her up this morning and then came home and cuddled on the couch all was awesome!
I missed this face terribly!!!
And we have to show off her new shades that Auntie Taylor brought her! :) 

Fabulous Fabulous weekend!!!!

Thursday, July 26, 2012

First Month Must-Haves!

Okay ladies, I have my list of our must-haves for E's first month. I thought I should share as I know a lot of my fabulous readers are soon-to-be-mommies. Some of these are more than just the first month, but I thought it would be good to know what to add to your registry and what we could have lived without. 

1. Summer Infant Monitor - This thing is my BFF. Seriously, it's awesome and worth every penny! It is one of the pricier monitors out there, but I promise it's worth it. The screen is big and clear, you can zoom in and out, you can pan around the room, you can add multiple cameras when you have more babies, you can talk through the handset and your voice comes out on the camera so when she is older I can talk to her.....seriously love. I mean, I spend several a few a couple hours minutes looking at it every night!

2. Fisher Price Rock-n-Play Sleeper - This was great for us for the first couple nights she slept in the room with us. She was right next to the bed, at an angle, and could be rocked if she started fussing. We use it for nap time too. It is also really great because it collapses for easy transportation & storage, which was great when she spent the evening at Mimi & Papas.

3. Little Tummys Gas Drops - a MUST for us. We figured out at about day 6 she was gassy and were introduced to these little angels. Once they hit her little tongue, it's immediate relief! And they are super safe for newborns per our pediatrician. They are always with us/her. Always.

4. Summer Swaddleme Blankets - We didn't start using these until week 2, mainly because they were too big for Little Miss, but now they are an every night thing. She was becoming a Houdini baby and getting out of every swaddle we did....which meant she was waking herself up quite a bit. These suckers are not only cute, they get her nice & tight, she can't get out, and even The Hubs can do it! HA! And she loves them, it soothes her and she calms down as soon as we start wrapping her up...that could be because she has learned that she gets a bottle next, ha! 

5. Graco Sweet Slumber Sound Machine - I know there are several sound machines out there, but this one is a winner in my book! We had the Sleep Sheep too, but that didn't really do anything for her. This one has a white noise feature, which is also a nightly thing for her, along with heartbeat, waves, and a few others. It also has a push light on top for a nightlight or light so you can see when you sneak in on her 5 times a night to make sure she is still breathing and kiss her sweet little cheeks and a plug for an iPod so you can play your own playlist through it for her! 
Either way, a sound machine is a definite must, and make sure you get one that gets loud, some suggest an adult sound machine for that reason. 

6. Boon Grass Drying Rack AND flower attachment - love this drying rack - it olds EVERYTHING, easy to clean, and it is just stinkin' cute! And that is huge when it becomes a permanent fixture on your counter. The flower attachment is a must as you can stack all the little parts on there!

7. Soothies Pacifiers - these are the only pacis that E will take....we did a test with several others. They are great because they are closest to nipples which is good if you are breastfeeding. Again, this is something that you have to figure out which one works best for your little one, but definitely have pacifiers ready and waiting at the hospital...and then at all times....and keep a few extra in the diaper bag! HA!

8. Diaper Genie - this is pretty self-explanatory....put diapers in this fancy little contraption and then your room doesn't smell! Genius!

9. Pampers Swaddlers - I cannot say enough about these diapers! They have this new fancy little line on them that turns blue when they are wet or poopy, again genius! Now ANYONE holding the baby can tell if they need a diaper change or pulling the edge up and getting a poop covered finger!

10. A & D Ointment - This is like miracle cream. If her little bum gets a little red, we put this on and by the next diaper change it isn't red anymore! And it soothes her too! We have it at the changing table and the diaper bag!

11. Baby Connect App - this is great for the first few weeks. Your pedi will be asking how many wet diapers, how many poopy diapers, how long are the feedings, how often, how many ounces if bottle feeding, how often, how much sleep, etc.....this tracks it all. You just add each diaper or sleep or feeding and it tracks it all and puts it in charts, layout of the day, history tallies, etc. We aren't using it as much these days, but I cannot imagine having to write all that stuff down all the time, you are consumed with it all in the beginning so this is great for you to have it in one place and have it all laid out for....and you always have your phone with you so it's perfect!

12. Aden + Anais Swaddle Blankets - I have heard many moms rave about these blankets and now I know why. The are big, light, don't take up a lot of room in the diaper bag, and they are cute! They are perfect for these hot summer months so baby girl doesn't get too hot. They are very easy to swaddle with too since they are so big. I have 4 and could totally use 4 more! HA!

Okay so those are the "must- haves" that stick out most to me right now......on to the few things that I could live without so far....

1. Diaper warmer - never plugged it in....not sure we every will....maybe we will try when it gets cold. 
2. AngelCare Monitor - I have a love/hate relationship with this thing. In theory it's great because it will let you know if your baby's heart beat or breathing changes....but the damn thing gives off false alarms all the time! It's like the monitor who cried wolf! And it's not just a little's like a smoke alarm going off next to your head. The first few times I FLEW out of bed....then I would turn it off and wait, turn it on and it would catch itself, but still check on her...then I just stopped what good does it do?!!? Ugh, any other new momma's have this monitor with similar issues?!?!
3. Humidifier - we haven't turned it on.....maybe we should get on that....

I know there is more, but my brain in's midnight...and I need to get my ass in the bed! :)

I hope this helps, and again, please let me know if you have ANY questions!!



Wednesday, July 25, 2012

I need a little voting love...

So I need a little favor... I put E's nursery on Project Nursery, which was one of my favorite places for inspiration. 
You can check it out here...and while you are there you can rate it or like it on facebook! :) 
Thanks in advance to all you sweet ladies!!


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

The Cutest Photo Shoot Ever!!

When Elise was a little over a week old we had our bestest, most favorite photog, Hannah Elaine, come over for her newborn photo shoot.
And I could not be happier with how they turned out! Hannah is amazing as always!
But really, I mean she did have quite the subject! HA!

 Sweet little ruffle butt!!

 So precious!!

 One of my favorites!!

 Big Sis, Maylie, was helping!
And Otto too!!

 I kiss those little toes about 10 times a day!!

 I mean, don't you just die?!
 My heart is so very full looking at this one, I could just burst!
 Such a Daddy's girl!!

 Excuse my still swollen hands!
 Love this one!


 And of course, one with the whole family!!

Now I have to find somewhere to put all of these.....I am so that mom!