Wednesday, June 6, 2012

WILW - and a few non-loving things...

Let me just start by saying a big
to all of you fabulous and sweet sweet readers!
This pregnant girl is feeling large and in charge these days (and reeeally swollen!) so all of your oh so sweet and kind words yesterday totally made my day. You have no idea!
So thank you, thank you for brightening my day! :)

Now lemme share a few things I am loving on this lovely Wednesday!
First, I am loving that the nursery is done! 
Well minus a picture and some flowers here and there...but she is done and ready!! 
Now all we need is a sweet baby girl to put in there!! :)
Pictures soon, I promise! I may try and do that today.....

I am reeeeeeeeeeeeeally loving my new ride!
Seriously, I love this thing. 

It is sad how excited I am about driving to work in the morning...just so I can drive it! HA!

I am loving this book/baby how-to, ha! For any of you expecting mommas, this is a fabulous guide for Baby's first year. All you need to know without all kinds of craziness to confuse you or worry you. 
I have a feeling we will be referencing this sucker quite a bit!

 I am loving the hydrangeas in my house thanks to my BFF!
 I am loving this necklace that I wore the other day.
I got it from my other BFF's store in Jackson, MS and I adooooore it! I got several compliments on it, so I thought I would share.
You can follow her on FB or twitter...she post all her new items so you can order them!
It's kinda dangerous actually.....

I am loving that I will be 38 weeks tomorrow...which means 2 weeks left!! 
(and yes, this girl is still reeeeeally hoping for early!!)

Seriously though, I am so loving that fact that I will have my baby girl in my arms in 2 weeks or less! I am so ready to meet my little angel, see who she looks like, smell that sweet baby smell, and just hold her as tightly as I possibly can!! 
(I am so freakin' pregnant...I am getting all emotional from writing that...thank you hormones.)
And just because it is my blog and I can... here are a few things I am not loving....
1. This swelling. 
Seriously, I am so over it. I remember seeing other friends on fb with swollen feet and I hoped that didn't happen to me....well I am not so my poor little feet are totally swollen. So are my hands, but they don't look as bad as my feet. 
Flip flops are my only friend and if they can get uncomfortable. 
I have tried everything - raising them, drinking a boat load of lemon water, floating in the pool, and nothing helps or relieves it like it use to....any ideas? Thoughts?
2. Gravity - let me feels like there is a weight hanging from a chain attached to my belly and pulling down when I is the oddest feeling and makes even walking around the building to the bathroom at my office exhausting. 
3.  The nausea - have any of you new mommas or mommas-to-be had this problem? Apparently, my stomach isn't able to digest things as it should since baby girl is pressing on all my tummy parts....and this is very common and just something that I will have to deal until baby girl makes her appearance. :(

Okay, I will stop my bitching now......all that being said, I would not take back one second of it! 
It is all worth what this body of my is creating...doesn't mean a 9 month pregnant lady isn't over it! HA! :) 
So that's all I got today folks! Hopefully I will have some nursery pics for you in the next day or so! 


Samantha said...

i am in LOVE with your nursery colors and decorations. so light and refreshing and the little chandelier is to die for! congratulations to you from a new follower :)

Tara {The Silver Lining} said...

Ohh the nursery is adorable! I agree that chandelier is gorgeous. I haven't had a baby yet, but my sister has had 3, and I remember all too well how swollen she got everywhere with her second pregnancy. Yes flip-flops were her only footwear, and she was exhausted and miserable in the heat of summer. But I agree it's oh so worth it all!! Can't wait to see your beautiful little girl so soon!!!

Crystal Renee said...

Your nursery is adorable. Nice truck, I would be excited too! haha! And more pics.. yes! You look AMAZING pregnant. Super jealous! Can't wait to see pictures.. and what happens if you go over? Don't kill me.. lol. I know EXACTLY how you feel!! HAHA!

Katie said...

OMG Sarah the nursery is beautiful! Guess what?! My rug came early 2 wks ago and I had it before all my bloggies came! I was STOKED! and you're's awesome and we love it. Thanks for the suggestion!


Tickled Pink Mandy said...

Your nursery is beautiful!! And congrats- 2 weeks will fly by!! :)

Nicole @ Two and Two is 4 said...

The nursery is so cute!!!!

Little Miss Southern said...

Just ordered that book :) Glad you reminded me with this post!

Anna & Kirby said...

I COMPLETELY feel ya on the swelling. I'm a first grade teacher and our last day was Monday. I had my feet up all day yesterday... literally, all day... and today I can almost see my ankle bones for the first time in forever! I'm not sure if you can, but just lay around and watch your salt intake... I think that's what helped me.

Emily Marie said...

Love your new ride, I would want to drive everywhere too just to drive it:) You are looking great, I hope these last two weeks fly by for you or that she makes an early arrival! Can't wait to see the rest of your nursery pictures!!!

Morgan Neal said...

Love all your loves! Especially that nursery! And she can grow into it and you won't have to change it so much in a few years! Love your new car! I still love mine after 4 months! Hahah!

Tiffany said...

Ahhhh I am soo in love with her sweet room! So beautiful!!!!
I love the jeep too!

Megan said...

I don't know what it is like with the swelling and weight gain but I'm sure these 2 weeks will fly!! I hope she makes an early appearance so you can enjoy her soon!! :) (& way to be a tease with that 1 photo of nursery!!) haha