Monday, June 18, 2012

Still here...still pregnant...

Hi there ladies....yes, I am still with child...much to my dismay... :(.
At my appointment on Thursday I had no progress from the week before.....I may have cried when I left. 
So as of now I am set to go in to get induced a week from Wednesday....the 27th....5 days after her due date. BOO! 
And the worst part is it isn't even my doctor's's my body that is not cooperating! 
I don't want to get induced too soon because that increases the likelihood of a c-section and I reeeeally don't want a c-section.
So please do little "labor" dances for me (as opposed to rain dances) and say some prayers and cross your fingers she decides to come this week! Ohhhh, that would be so awesome!!
This swelling is out of control and momma is over it! Soooo ready for Elise to be here!!

Okay, I will stop my 9-month-pregnant-crazy-lady rant. 
Here are a few random pics from the weekend.

How cute is this game day outfit from a sweet friend?!?!
And I am getting her initials embroidered on the front!
 More baby stuff, Katie P made a pirdy little attachement for her God Daughter's door cute is this?
And of course she will be here to fill in the blanks! 
And she is slowly but surely working on starting her own business (this girl is crafty, painting, faux finishing, furniture painting, purse making, baby door sign making, and all kinds of other stuff!) so she created a name for it and a cute little stamp she puts on all of it...
see..."katydid" freaking cute is that?
And when she gets it all set up...there will be a give-a-way in it for you lovely ladies!! :)
 And here is a quick iPhone pic I snapped of it all together.............LOVE IT!!
So Saturday we went out to Arrington Vineyards to celebrate one of my BFFs and very favorite peep's 30th birthday!
 It was PACKED! And it was a fabulous crowd for the party and would have been even better had I been able to partake in all the yummy vino with everyone! But here are a few pics I snagged.
 On the way out there with little AR
Small part of the hill...
 A few of the ladies....the gorgeous guest of honor in the pretty pink shirt! 
And please excuse the swollen face...I was definitely the pregnant lady after about 2 hours of sitting out in that heat! :)
My hot hubby!
 And a small pic of the spread....and this was before everyone got there...this about tripled in size! 
A sweet pic of my little angel.....we are in the process of getting her in her own bed at night....this her, "look how cute and sweet and cuddly I am, don't want to make me get down" look. Sweet little monkey!

And then of course yesterday we celebrated Father's Day. 
We went to church and brunch and then my sweet and amazing Daddy and my sweet and amazing Hubby spent all afternoon putting in new AC vents in our master bedroom! More on that later.
But I posted this sweet pic of me and my Daddy! :)

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend and are having a good Monday so far!
Don't forget to do your labor dances for me, HA! :) 


the girl in the red shoes said...

I'll be crossing my fingers that you go in to labor soon! Thinking of you!

Katie said...

aw, I will do some labor dances for you!! My friend was late too and didn't have to have a csection. She will come when she is ready :) xoxoxo

natasha {schue love} said...

Sending lots and lots of good vibes your way!! At least you know the latest you'll have to wait! Im guessing we'll have the induction talk come Wednesday! The 27th would be exactly 7 days after our due date, so who knows? Maybe our babies will have the same birthday??

Tiffany said...

Praying she comes this week!!! I know you are ready to get that sweet baby girl into your arms!!

Amy Silver said...

Oh my, I soo know how you feel. I was talking about wanting to be induced at week 38! Ha. I was just DONE! But, ended up having all natural at 39 and one day. I guess they just choose their own day ;-) Hang in there, it'll be over VERY soon either way! I know waiting is rough. Have you tried nipple stimulation? I didn't try it, but have heard it brings on contractions.. Just an idea.

Anna & Kirby said...

I feel ya... almost there!

asj said...

thinking of you! hope things go your way and Elise makes her way into the world soon, xo!

Megan said...

SO excited for you! I can't believe how close you are!! :)

My-cliffnotes said...

Labor dance DONE. I hope your babe comes soon!!!


Tiffany @ Austin Family Diary said...

Praying she comes before Wednesday! Good luck :)

Kendyl said...

I hope you go into labor soon! If it makes you feel better, I was also set to be induced 5 days past my due date and went into labor on my own the morning I was going to be induced!! And had no progress at my appt. on due date!!! My son is now 2 months old! No matter what happens it is all so worth it!!! Best of luck!!!