Monday, June 11, 2012

Our little weekend

It's Monday again....and yes, I am still with child.... :) 
Baby girl is still cooking away. I did, however, get a surprise ultrasound at my appt. on Thursday (yay!!) so I got to see her sweet little angel face...more on that tomorrow though. 

But I will bore you this Monday with my weekend recap in the few photos I took. 
Friday, I took the day off of work. With my little scare on Thursday and the non-sleep I just couldn't do it. Soooo, Mom and I took the pups on a long walk and then had breakfast....we then headed to Micheal's and Target where we proceeded to spend over 2 hours in. Only us! 
But here is the big news. The only thing I bought....popcorn! Can you believe it?! I walked out of there with no goodies for me, the house, Elise, or even The Hubs! Not really sure how I did it or if it will ever happen again...but put this one in the books peeps! But it's okay...Momma made up for me! HA! Daddy said we are not allowed to go to Target together anymore.....

Friday night The Hubs made tacos for a Mexican night and we watched a movie, One For The Money, not impressed. I love Katherine Heigl, love her, but her Jersey accent was stretching it....

Saturday was a lazy day for me...The Hubs, not so much! 
He mowed the lawn, washed and waxed both of our cars, and completely deep cleaned and dusted our bedroom. I'm talking moved all the furniture out and everything! I laid with the pups and did laundry....lotsa help this pregnant girl is! HA!
I did, however, start making some headbands for baby girl. 
I have ordered a few on Etsy and while I love all the ones I find...I just knew I could do it for about a quarter of the price. So here is my first attempt.....and I must say, I am pretty happy with it! Now I just need a sweet little head to put it on! :)
Then Saturday night the sweet sweet man that is My Hubby, decided to take me out on a date night! Our last big date night before Elise gets here. I love that man! 
So, that was just the excuse I needed to get all fancied up. I decided to play with this new curling iron I got from Target last week. It was just this cheap ceramic one, like $17. But I used it like a wand and I loooooove it! Gives me a good curl and then they fall just slightly (not sure how it is holding all of sudden, but it is!) and they are perfect. I had to take a pic of my first attempt.
I think the swelling has started in on my face....awesome....
We went to one of our favorite date night spots, Jimmy Kellys. I have raved about this place before, and I will rave again! UH-MAZ-ING!! 
Check out my hot date!
His steak and MASSIVE twice baked potato...
My blue cheese stuffed filet wrapped in bacon...oh yeah! And leave it to the pregnant girl to get french fries and a fancy steak house! HA!
and my favorite part......The Blackberry Cobbler! Seriously, I don't know what they put in this, but oh. my. gawd! 

We were dressed up and out and decided we couldn't waist we decided to call up one of our favorite couples....The Taylors! :) We went over to there house for a night cap and to play with Miss Addie!
Here is her and her Uncle Frankie having a big time!

Sunday morning we woke up and headed to my folks' house for breakfast. 
Can't believe I didn't get a pic! But we had raspberry pancakes, omelets, maple bacon (I must share this recipe, it is one of the most amazing things you will ever put in your mouth!), sausage, fresh fruit, and cinnamon toast! 
This pregnant girl was stuffed and happy!
Later that afternoon we tackled the FINAL project before baby girl gets here....the installation of the car seat!
It was a process....the actual installation wasn't that hard, but reading the new Jeep's manual and the car seat's manual made it way harder than it needed to be. Thank goodness for The Hubby and his muscles! :) 
But here it is all set and ready to go! 
I even have the mirror set up!
(and for any new moms, this mirror is extra awesome, it plays music and has a light! both which I can control from a little remote!)

Then last night we finished up the night with dinner with The Hubs' parents. They were in town for the evening picking up my bro & sis-in-law from the airport. 
We went to Bonefish, yummmmm, and then came up and watched the finale of Mad Men, which was extremely disappointing, but a fabulous way to end the weekend nonetheless!

So that's all I got today folks. 
Just finishing up what I can at work and doing what I can to help this baby girl along!! :) 
Bring on the pineapple, spicy food, walks, workouts, and maybe some castor oil....right, Tami! HA!



Erin said...

Umm blue cheese stuffed filet?! I'm no where near pregant and that just made my tummy growl like Mufasa. Yum!

Morgan Neal said...

Omg! I'm loving all the food talk & the cute pic of you & your hubs! :) what is the name/brand of the mirror for the car? :) thanks!

Amy Silver said...

You look wonderful! Can't believe how busy you are, I'm just so dead tired! Omg castor oil scares the crap outta me!!

Mrs. S said...

that blackberry cobbler looks amazing!

Megan said...

All of that food looks and sounds AMAZING!!!!! MMMM!!

We have mirrors for in our cars for Olivia, they are AWESOME!! Yours sounds EXTRA awesome!! haha

How in the WORLD did you walk out of target without a cart full?!! I have yet to do that!! haha

Anne said...

I am leaving work right now and BUYING that curling iron. Thanks for sharing!!

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

Sounds like your weekend was perfect!!! Really glad you got to have one last date night in before Elise comes ;) xoxo

Tiffany said...

What a fun weekend!!! I could def. spend 2 hours in Target, but I am sure I would buy a ton.

Brooke said...

You look great!! Is your dress BCBG maternity? If so, I just got that! :)

Thanks for stopping by my blog today, following you now! Hope your last week of pregnancy goes well!