Friday, June 29, 2012

Elise's Birth Story

First, I wanted to thank you all so much for all of your sweet and kind words! 

Between, blogging, facebook, instagram, and twitter my phone has been constantly going off!I can't keep it charged!!
And I must say that makes me and our little family feel so very loved!!
Thank you, thank you for being so sweet and fabulous! Elise is oh so loved, which puts a BIG smile on my face!!

I wanted to do her birth story all week before I forget any of it...but best laid plans, right?
So, here we go...

It started last Friday night, June 22, her due date. 
I had already walked a ton that morning, cleaned the entire house (like floors, bathrooms and all!), eaten a ton of pineapple, and decided we were going to have buffalo wings for dinner - you know get that extra spiciness! So The hubs and I decided, pizza,wings and a movie...and I decided to have a little glass of wine as well..Dawn/Adelyn's Momma had a glass of wine the night she went into labor, so what the hell?! What could it hurt at this point?
So we got our dinner all set up and we were heading down to The Man Cave with it and I felt my first contraction...I just kind of stood there and held my stomach. The Hubs (we'll call him TH for this story) asked if everything was okay, I said I think that was a "for real" contraction, like not a Braxton passed and we went on with the evening.

About an hour later I got up to go to the bathroom and felt another one....still not really thinking this was the "real" thing (didn't want to get my hopes up) we watched the movie and got in bed for an early night. I continued to feel the contractions about once an hour, I started tracking them on my handy-dandy little app on my phone (lifesaver btw, I can't imagine having to keep up with them once they got more frequent and intense - expecting moms, download one!!). At about 2:30am I had one that was so intense that I pretty much shot out of bed. It lasted almost 2 minutes. From that point I was wide awake, I tried to go back to sleep but they were coming a lot faster now....about every 15 minutes. I laid there in bed pretty much just waiting for the next one trying not to wake up TH as I knew we were in for a loooong day. The pups were both up with me and had no idea what was going on. 

At about 5am I had the worst one yet...and apparently I couldn't hide it. My groaning and pillow clenching woke up TH. He freaked a bit at first and was like, "are you okay?! what's wrong?!" I told him, still clenching the pillow, that I had been have contractions since 2 but they were still 12 minutes apart. He asked if I wanted to go to the hospital but he thought we had to wait to 5 mins apart (he's so smart and good and reading up on things! :)). I said no, but I will call the doc in a bit and told him to sleep and I would wake him up if anything changed. 

I then decided to get cleaned up and wash my hair and get some breakfast and what not while I could. After that I called the doc as they were about 8 mins apart at this point. The doc on call said I could wait until 5 mins apart or if I was in serious and uncomfortable pain, which was awesome...I could be at home and be comfortable rather than laying in a hospital bed for an extra 5 hours! 
I decided to lay down and get some rest while I could...and to start letting the girls know...

........then at about 9am the contractions started slowing back to 10-11 minutes apart. 
Hell no. 
We are not going backwards! 
Dawn told me to keep moving as the same thing happened to her. Soooo, I started cleaning. TH was up at this point, so I made the bed, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the floors, cleaned the kitchen...again, cleaned out the refrigerator, and finished up the last few things to pack for the hospital. The Hubs loaded them in the car and now we were just at the waiting game.
I continued to pace around the house, stopping to do squats every once and while, continuing to have contractions so I would stop in mid walk and have to bend over and grab the first thing that I could to squeeze the hell out of.......all while the pups were starting at me wondering what in the hell mom was doing!
At about 12:00 the contractions were finally about 5 mins apart, a little less, so we decided to head to the hospital.
That was an interesting drive, those contractions were no joke now...lots of squeezing and lots of not so nice words and lots of breathing. 

Got to the hospital and went to the pre room to see if they were ready to admit me. Got checked and I was still only 2 cm, but 80% effaced and the contractions were about 4 mins apart and very strong. The nurse looked at me and said I may still have to have pitocin, but they would probably admit me and then asked in all sincerety, not joking, "do you want to have a baby today" like if I didn't want to get the pitocin they would have to send me seriously lady, do you see me and my contracitons!??! YES, I want to have a baby today!!

So at around 1:45 they moved me to my room and we were greeted by my parents! That was a nice surprise! 
They got me hooked up to all kinds of stuff including my IV, which sucked btw, I have never had an IV and didn't like it all!! 

How swollen do I look?! Sheesh!
And notice my super cute personalized hospital gown, compliments of Mrs. Dawn Taylor!! 
I got so many compliments on it, loved it!! And I must say after having the one the hospital provided on for the admitting part I reeeeally appreciated this one!!
Thank you so much Dawnte!!

They then told me that I could have my epidural at any time and then they wouldn't start the pitocin until then, For some reason I felt the need to wait a while for the epi....not sure why, but I did. 

At about 3:15 I had an out of control almost to the top of the little, drugs please!!!

Here is a pic of some of the big daddy contractions, see how the top of the hill is "off the charts", yeah and they got worse! But I was feeling the ones that went about 3/4 of the way up and was in some serious pain, so I cannot imagine what these felt like!! 

So at 3:30 I got my epidural and was at 3cm....and had a mini panic attack in my head the whole time they were doing it. I actually got a contraction while he was doing it and it totally freaked me out...but then I realized it was a contraction and all was good! :)  But by 4:00 I could feel nothing, I was watching the contractions come and go on the screen and feeling nothing it was amazing!! Odd, but amazing. Apparently the way my body took the epi my left side got more than my right so I could not move my left leg at all. l could move my foot a bit but could not lift it up to move it or move positions. If I wanted to roll over or move my leg even an inch, TH had to come over and do it for me. I hated that feeling. Like really hated it, I kept asking the nurse if that was normal and she assured me it was. Honestly that was the worst part for me, I don't like that out of control feeling at. all. But hell, I will take that over the contractions any day!! 

So the contractions were out of control at this point, like going off the charts on the little screen (See above)...still not feeling them! If the other ones hurt that bad, I cannot imagine what these would have been like!! The nurse checked me and decided we needed to get the doc to break my water. She called and said she would be in an hour or we waited. I ate popsicles and watched HGTV. 
At about 5:45 the nurse went to check my catheter and was like, "did your water break?" ummm, I have no clue, I can't feel a damn thing.....well it did! And I was at 5cm!! Awesome!! My body was doing its job all on its own!! :) So between that and the pitocin things started progressing pretty quickly. Contractions were on top of each other and really really intense, again I only know this because of that little screen next to me. There was a lot of weird uncomfortabelness for the next little bit due to the not feeling my left leg, TH was awesome though...coming over to move me around which ever way I needed, no matter how many times I needed it. Getting me ice chips, holding my hand, he was amazing. 
The girls wanted a video, so we have this fun little video to share...
At about 6:30 the nurses had a shift change and we got Mallory (who was amazing btw, looooooved her!!), she came in and we chatted for a while about labor and non labor things which was nice. Then she said okay, I will check you at about 8pm if the doc hasn't come in yet. She mentioned that in a perfect world I would only push for 15 minutes but that it was possible that I would have to push for up to 3 hours! So I should just rest as much as I could until then. Once I got to 10 cm we would "labor down" which just means sit me straight up for about 30-45 minutes to let gravity do its job so hopefully I wouldn't have to push as much. As soon as she left I looked at TH and said  lets do a quick prayer that I don't have to push for 3 hours, I'm not even asking for 15 minutes...just like an hour or less! HA! So we did a little prayer! :)

Then at about 7:30 I mentioned how much pressure I was feeling down a lot on my bum. She (she being Mallory) said okay, let me check you real quick then......she said you are 100%....I just looked at her and said, like 10cm 100% and she said, yes ma'am!
Holy crap! That was fast!! This was gonna happen sooner than later!
So she sat me up to start laboring soon as I sat up there was even more pressure. She said okay, well the doc should be here in the next few minutes, lets go ahead and start pushing. What?!?! Now?!?! Okay, holy crap!!
At this point TH was on his way to meet his parents in the waiting room as they had just got there and my parents were still in the room with me. I said okay, you (you, being my parents) go head out to the waiting room and tell Trey to get back here ASAP. So they did and he came a running! :) He got back there and they took the end off of my bed which was so odd, and pulled out the leg rest (think stirrups bit flat so you could rest your feet and push if need be). 
And we started pushing!

And let me just say, pushing while on an epidural is weird. You can't really feel if you are pushing down there or if it is working because you can't feel it. I felt like I was pushing only in my head and just making my face real red and gonna give myself a really bad headache....but apparantly I was doing a really good job! HA!
So we pushed 1 time, then we pushed a 2nd time and TH says "is that her head?!"
I was like what?! Seriously, you can see her head?!?! Yep, there she is. 
So we pushed 3 rounds of 3 or 4 - 10 counts and the doc walked in during the last round and said "look at you, doing really good!!" Why thank you! :) Then Mallory (the nurse) said, "doctor do you want to see this last push, because I think we are ready" Holy CRAP!!! I started crying at this point, happiness, shock, reality, excitement - it was all happening!!
Then the doc said "okay, we are going to push one more time and I may say to stop pushing or do a half push, when I do make sure you do that okay, I know it is hard to change that mindset when you are pushing so hard." Um, okay...
So then I pushed reeeeeally hard and she said "okay now stop and do a little little push.." and that was it.
Less than 8 minutes of pushing. 
And I heard my sweet sweet baby girl cry. 
June 23, 2012 at 8:09pm Elise Kelly Bellar was born.
7lbs and 12 ounces of pure perfection!

I laid there and sobbed as they did her ap test and TH cut the cord, took about 35-40 secs but it felt like an eternity for me. All I could see was the top of her head and her arms flailing! I could only watch my husband's face beam with pride and watched his eyes well up with tears which of course made me sob even more. I thanked God then and there for how amazingly blessed he has made me. Then they laid her skin to skin on my chest....and I felt the most amazing and pure joy humanly possible. Seriously, I am tearing up writing this. She cried and screamed and wailed when she came out and as soon as she hit my chest and heard my voice she stopped and let out a deep breath. 
It was THE best moment of my life. 

We laid there for a few minutes and the doc was telling me about what was going on down there and it was like the adult's voice in Charlie Brown cartoons, wah-wah, wah-wah. All I could see was my baby. My sweet and precious Elise. 
She had a little bubble butt like her daddy, she was slimy & warm and pooping on me, and I couldn't be any happier! :) 
They then took her to get her cleaned up and weigh her and the pictures started! :) 

All and all, the labor process...not that bad, not bad all. I was very blessed and I do realized that - and I thank God for that! The hospital (Baptist, here in Nashville) could not have been any better. The nurses were amazing, the facilites were wonderful and my baby was perfect and didn't give us any trouble at all!! :) I told Trey, I could totally do that again..... I will take hours of contractions any day as long as I only have to push like that!! :) 

About 1 hour later I had a sprite..awesome!!
Then 2 hours later I had a burger, fries, and diet coke from Wendys thanks to my AMAZING Daddy! The best burger I believe I have ever had. And definitely THE best diet coke!! :) 
After that we were moved to our recovery room where I proceeded to not sleep as I could not stop cuddling and staring at my angel bones (speaking of, I have probably called her Elise all of 4 times since we had many nicknames, poor thing is never gonna know her name!). And of course taking pics! :)

Needless to say, I and everyone else who has met her are completely smitten!!

So that is our birth, that was a lot! :) I do love that I will be able to read this to her one day though, hence the full detail! :) 

I do want to say express my love and gratitude towards my amazing Hubby. He was so wonderful and amazing and loving and supportive and all kinds of other fabulous things I can't put into words right now. I seriously couldn't have done any of this without him. I laid in that bed several times thanking God and my lucky stars for blessing me with him as my husband and Elise with him as her Daddy. This past week has been a learning experience (each and every hour) for both of us and we have grown so much stronger as a couple and a team! It makes me so happy to know that we created that perfect little angel and totally melts my heart when I see him with her! She is a Daddy's girl already and I wouldn't want it any other way!! :) 
I love you so much, honey! You are truly truly amazing at this new role in your life and I love and adore you for everything you do for our little girl!! 
Thank you, XOXOXOXO!

Up next the hospital and first few days at home!! :) 

I promise to try and blog more and post more of the 80 billion pictures I have taken in the past 6 days! :) 
I miss all of my bloggy friends! :) 
Thank you again for your kind words, thoughts, and prayers. They worked!!




Morgan Neal said...

She is absolutely perfect! Thanks for sharing her story! I have major baby fever!
PS- I was tearing up. So so sweet!

pretty little things said...

your birth story is amazing - I was tearing up as I read it! congrats to you and your family - enjoy every second! xo

Meredith said...
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Meredith said...

Hi! I totally cried off my mascara while reading your birth story! I am 17 weeks right now and found your blog about a month ago. I've loved reading your updates and I'm so happy for you guys that she is here! Congrats!

Bridget said...

I'm a recent new follower...but I wanted to leave a comment and congratulate you! Your birth story had me in tears! So happy for you and your husband. I hope when it's time for me to have a child, the birthing process is as easy as yours was :)

Katie said...

AWWW LOVE!!!! :) :) :) So precious!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Yay! I'm so glad that you didn't have to push for 3 hours! I hope that I have the same experience! Elise is just too precious for words...and you are one BEAUTIFUL mama! Congratulations! I am so happy for you and have had such a great time getting to know you through your blog! xoxo

Jade :) said...

OMG! Why was I seriously crying when reading all about her birth story. Stories like this help me get prepared for the birthing experience, I try not to think about it too much because I mean looking at newborn clothes scare me knowing that that sized thing has to come out of your body!

BUT when I read stories like this where everything was actually good and not too difficult I jump for joy! :D

Congrats! She's beautiful!!!

mommyto3 said...

I found your blog from Pretty in Pink Megan. I read your birth story and then read that you delivered at Baptist hospital! I delivered two of my kiddos there. My doctor is Dr. Schlechter. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

mommyto3 said...

I found your blog from Pretty in Pink Megan. I read your birth story and then read that you delivered at Baptist hospital! I delivered two of my kiddos there. My doctor is Dr. Schlechter. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

mommyto3 said...

I found your blog from Pretty in Pink Megan. I read your birth story and then read that you delivered at Baptist hospital! I delivered two of my kiddos there. My doctor is Dr. Schlechter. Congrats on your beautiful baby girl!

Sarah Elizabeth said...

Congratulations! What a great birth story. It's fantastic that you were able to write it down before you forgot details. I would love to know where your friend purchased that gown. I'm thinking that I'd like one for myself in December.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I got through the whole thing without blubbering... until I saw the picture of daddy with his baby girl. SERIOUSLY. I have known you guys for a long time, before you even thought about going on a date let alone getting married and having a baby together. I just can't believe I've gotten to see this whole story from the very beginning and now I'm looking at a picture of TH holding the daughter you created together. I love you guys and I can't wait to meet sweet little Elise!

Amy Silver said...

Oh my goodness, I absolutely LOVE birth!! What a beautiful keepsake for her one day. I am so glad you had a positive experience and again, she's beautiful!!

Tiffany said...

This is just so sweet. I may have even teared up a bit. So awesome you only pushed 8 minutes! Lucky girl!!! Congrats again, she is beautiful.

Breanna said...

What an amazing story! I hope my labor is as easy as you say yours was! I am due in December with our first! :)

Elise is beautiful! Congratulations, Mama! :)

Molly said...

Such a beautiful birth story! Wish I hadn't put off writing mine- yours reminds me of things I forgot! She is so beautiful and I'm so happy for you! Congratulations lovely lady!!

Megan said...

What a sweet birth story! I can't believe how quickly your birthed Elise!!!! haha

I started tearing up, I love that she stopped crying when she was put on you, she already loved her mama like you love her! :)

Olivia has so many nicknames too! haha We had to buckle down and stop the nicknames for a while bc she wouldn't answer to her name haha

Unknown said...

This is me over here... sobbing. What a BEAUTIFUL story. I am so happy for you and your family.

Amy@Fiancé Meeting You Here said...

I am a brand new reader and I'm just sitting here in tears reading your beautiful story. I'm expecting a baby girl late this summer and I can only pray I have this great of an experience.

I was wondering about the personalized gown. I really want one, but am worried it will get absolutely ruined. I see you still have yours on even after the birth. Did it come out ok?

Wiz said...

Beautiful baby girl! I had both my babies at Baptist and loved it there. I am now pregnant with my third but we no longer live in Nashville. I am so sad not to have Baptist or my doctor.