Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Lotsa Love This Wednesday!

It's Wednesday! 
We are half way through the week!!

I thought I would play along with WILW this week....cause I got lotsa love to give this week! :)  

First I am loooooooooving that my folks are coming home tomorrow!!
They have been gone for about 3 weeks and I didn't like it. At all! 
It is completely apparent how spoiled I have become with them living only 15 minutes away! 
Oh aaaaand they are bringing baby girl's bedding....ahhhhhh, I cannot waiiiiiiit!!

I am loving that Pregnant in Heels is back on!
I fell asleep last night so I didn't get to watch it all, but I am very much looking forward to more crazy cooky pregnant ladies!
Oh such entertainment!
I am also loving that this movie is coming out this weekend! 
I am dying to see it...couldn't be more perfect timing, huh?! :) 
I think The Hubs and I will be checking it out this weekend!
Keeping on the baby track...I am loving feeling my baby girl pushing all over my belly! 
I mean this girl has some strength! I feel like she going to push straight through sometimes!
Okay, she has yet to do the pic below...but that is kinda creepy if you ask me....
but either way I love and adore those feelings. It is going to be so weird when I don't feel them anymore!
I am loving Essie's new summer line...I just adore Essie, they can do no wrong in my book! And besides, pedicures are the only thing that can make my swollen feet looks somewhat pretty... :)

I am loving that tomorrow is my very first give-away!!!
Be sure to come back and check it out!! 
I am loving that Friday is The Hubs is birthday!!
I love birthdays, just love 'em!
But more importantly I am loving The Hubs. And I am very excited about all the new things coming our way!! :)

Well, that's what I got today folks!
Head over to This Kind of Love if you wanna link up and play along! 
Oh and congratulate Jamie as she just announced some big news yesterday!!


Anne said...

I can't WAIT to see that movie....and the adorable bedding! I'm loving the nursery so far!

agalandherdog said...

Congrats on the baby girl! I'm having a girl too and shopping has been too much fun!

Tiffany said...

I want to see that movie so bad. It has to be hilarious.
I have to agree...every time that picture shows up on pinterest in kinda creeps me out a little.

I can't wait to join in on your give-away.

Sarah said...

The cutest baby pictures in the world - and your family is gorgeous! Can't wait to hear about what you guys do this week!