Monday, May 14, 2012

iPhone Photo Dump/WeekendRecap

Hello Blogging land...
It's Monday...again...
How is it already Monday?
I am not ready for you  Monday....
My brain is not working quite yet today...
hence the reason for photo dump/picture doesn't take much thought.

I did however have a delighful weekend...more on that with pics without further are some random pics from the good ole iPhone!

Lunch from The Grilled Cheeserie at Centennial Park few weeks ago with the BFF
I made my own....buttermilk cheddar with pickles and was deeelightful!
 The Hubs after our Sushi dinner....he was enjoying himself...
 My dessert from Cold Stone...Oreo Creme flavored Ice Cream with Oreo chunks and hot was amaze-balls. This was a huge indulge even for pregnant girl...I normally eat frozen yogurt or the healthy ice cream! But it was worth every extra calorie!
 My big ole belly that KatieP requested a picture of .....looks huge here!
 One of the few dinners I have made in the past month...Italian Crescent Casserole...and it was divine!
(I used reduced fat crescent rolls and cheese along with ground turkey to make it a bit more healthy...& it was fabulous!)
 One of my favorite pics ever! My Maylie girl loving on her little sister!
 The hostess gifts for my shower...Cynthia Rowley insulated beach bags!
 White Peach Margarita....just a few more weeks.... :)
 Intercourse, PA...funny little joke with me and my T-Word/ friend that moved to Pennsylvania...saw this article and had to send her a pic! HA!
 Adelyn playing in her jumper at the crawfish boil a couple weekends ago.

 AR decided she wanted to play too....she didn't seem to think she was too big....
 And then we took her out....she did not like that at all so she started rolling around on the ground and The Hubs got down there with was freakin' hysterical! She didn't know what to do!
 Aaaannnnd I bought my Kate Spade diaper bag!! 
I found it at Saks on sale, plus a coupon, plus free shipping, so my $400 diaper bag was only $240!!! Sweeeeeeeeeeeeet! And I loooooooove it!!
My very first Mother's Day gift from my MIL, I hit the jackpot with that lady folks! :) I was having a terrible day and she sent me a text message to run by Greenhills Mall to pick up my happy from Tiffany....seriously, what better way to brighten your day!?!?! :) Love you Linda!!
On that same day, one of my BFFs, Dawn, aka Adelyn's Momma, left a surprise on my desk at work....
A Gigi's cupcake! It was raspberry heaven!
I am a blessed and lucky girl to have such fabulous people taking care of me and my pregnancy hormones! HA! :)
A yummy yummy recipe my SIL sent me from my shower...I have to make these this week. Seriously, they are soooooo good!
 Mother's Day card for my MIL...I had to take a pic to show the hubs...isn't it cute?! Her first Grandma card!
 Now for the weekend recap...
Friday night The Taylors came over for dinner and drinks....which really meant Dawn cooking an AMAZING home cooked meal for us....and all of us playing with miss Addie! 
She tested out E's crib for us....
 The awesome and oooohhhhh so yummy dinner Dawn made...we all made "happy plates"....seriously, she is the awesomest friend!!
 We finished up with brownies I made and ice cream....yummmm!!
Miss Addie in her bouncer again, she loves this thing!!
 Saturday we met The Hubs parents for lunch in Lebanon for an early Mother's Day celebration. We then ventured over to the outlet malls where the boys left my MIL and I in the Carter's outlet....dangerous....but not really, those prices are amazing!! Needless to say we found some fabulous finds including her first pair of jeans and her 4th of July outfit....amongst many many other things! :) 

Then The Hubs and I spent the rest of the day at car dealerships....yeah, oh so fun! We have been tossing around the idea of getting me a bigger car for a while now...just easier with baby girl and all of her stuff! And The Hubs wants us in something a little bigger for safety. We both love love love the new Jeep Grand Cherokees so we thought we would test the waters if you will....
We test drove it and I am in love! Seriously, in love! 
We went to 3 different dealerships and finally found one where the guy wasn't a total douchebag "salesman" and may be able to help us out! Cross your fingers they find us what we want because this girl is in love! :)

Sunday was Mother's Day!
The Two bestest Momma's out there!!
I woke up feeling pooped and not so hot so we didn't go to church (sad!), had a slow lazy morning and then went for brunch. 
I got my waffles w/ strawberries and I was happy!  
The Hubs then took me for a mani/pedi - a much needed mani/pedi! Notice the swollen fingers and feet, bleh! But I am loving the new color I found on my fingers...Essie's."Splash of Grenadine" - new fave!
 We then ran by Home Depot to get supplies for a crafty project for me and all I could think about was the popcorn from the Movie Theater across the street....the homes went by and got me a BIG OLE tub of buttery goodness! 
Happy Mother's Day to me!!!
 We lounged on the couch, napped for a bit, and then I started putting together a bunch of E's toys (her playmat, bouncer, and exersaucer) and of course Maylie Girl was right in the middle and helped a lot! 
 We finished up the evening with Mad Men and more couch cuddle time!
It was a good and productive I am sleepy and want to go home....anybody else?!?! :)



pretty little things said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend! And that grilled cheese sandwich and tater tots looks soooo good right now! haha

Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

Love all your photos!!!! You are one blessed momma to be!!! I've been eyeing the new Jeep Grand Cherokee's too... but my list of prefered new SUVs is quite long! I dont know how I'd ever choose! xoxo!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Great pictures!! I'm glad to hear you like the Jeep - my hubby and I have been thinking of test driving it! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

what a great weekend!

Kendra said...

Oh my, the picture of your belly with the dog is ADORABLE!

Melissa Knott said...

What a fun weekend!!! I am loving all of the pictures!

Amy Silver said...

Yum! So many yummy foods! I've been craving movie theater popcorn too! Hope you had a great first mother's day! Just a little more to go!!

sophistifunk said...

what a funny photo of your husband! and that oreo creme ice cream and the crescent roll dinner looks amazing

Jeremy and Megan said...

LOVE your mani/pedi colors!! Essie is my fave!!

Please share what is in that tiffanys box!!! :) What a nice gift! :)