Monday, May 21, 2012

Another Photo Recap!

And another weekend is over...I'm telling you, these weekends go by faster and faster each week!!
This was a fabulous weekend though as most of it was spent celebrating my sweet hubby!

Thursday night we headed over to Momma and Daddy's as they finally got back home from being gone for 3 1/2 weeks! 
(I am already so used to them living here and I did not like them being gone that long. At all.) 

We started the birthday and congrats celebrations....congrats? 
for what you may ask?
The Hubby accepted a new position with a new company! YAY!!!!!
This has been a long time coming for him and is a great opportunity for us and our growing little family. 
I am so excited and so proud of him and so glad to be able to finally share the news!!
See how happy he is?! :)
Yay Hubby!!! 
Then Friday morning, I woke up to make his traditional breakfast in bed! 
French toast with strawberries and bacon this year!
 Later that afternoon we went and saw "What to Expect When You Are Expecting" and I had to get a shot of this rando heading into the theater...mullet with a long braided ponytail...and he was rockin' it!
But for real, the movie was cute! 
And very appropriate for us! I appreciated lots of it being almost 9 months pregnant! :) 

Then we headed home to grill out and have the dinner The Hubs requested: steak, my twice bake potatoes, my crunchy romaine/broccoli salad, and a white cake for dessert. 
See the happy hubby...isn't he so funny....
And I had to take a picture of this massive piece of meat he picked out for himself. Out of control ridiculous!
 Then we finished up the evening with his cake! 
White cake with strawberries! Yumm!!!!
Saturday we had a lazy morning and it was delightful!
Momma and Daddy came over to help with the final things in the nursery (which is done, all I need is a couple picture frames and we are all ready for our little princess!!) and a few more baby things.
Stroller - ready to go!
Bedding - perfect!
Monitor - awesome! 
Then we went on a Target run to return some baby duplicates & do a few other things....and you know I enjoyed myself!
Then we went and met some of our favorite people for another dinner celebration for The Hubby at Monell's.  
Monell's is a family style meat and three....expect its really like 4 meats and 3. If you are in or close to or visiting Nashville I highly recommend it!! 
It's not the place to go if you are watching your calories...but for a good ole splurge...go! It was amazing!!
Here are a few of the highlights!
Then Sunday morning The Hubby brought me breakfast in cute is he.... :)
 I am trying to eat lots of bananas...because bananas = potassium and potassium will supposedly help my swelling stop. 
Yes, when I wasn't doing the above my swollen feet and ankles were propped up on about 4 pillows.
This swelling is starting to get very annoying and unattractive...and I am over it! 
Sunday afternoon we drove to Lafayette for a wedding shower for The Hubs' sweet sweet cousin who is getting married this summer - sadly I didn't get any pics! 

That was the weekend for us! Fabulous and full of fabulous celebrations! 
One more week down...only 4 1/2 to go for little miss!

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Lauran {The Real Young Housewife of Southern VA} said...

Happy Belated Birthday and Congrats to your hubby! Looks like your weekend was beyond perfect!!! xoxo!!

pretty little things said...

Looks like you had a lovely weekend! hope you enjoyed it : )

Anne said...

Looks like a fun weekend! Can't wait to see pics of the bedding!

Unknown said...

So much to celebrate! Looks like a fabulous weekend!