Thursday, May 24, 2012

Aaaannnddd the winner is.....

And the winner of my very first give-away....
 for one of these fabulous prints.....

from the fabulous Jessica at Doubtless Designs is...

Megan at Table for Three!
And ironically enough, today is her baby girl's birthday!! 
If you don't read her blog, check it out...they are the cutest little family and that little girl, I die! :) 

Congrats Megan!! 
Shoot me your e-mail address that you would like me to pass along to Jessica and she will get your print going!! 

Thanks so much for all who entered and are now lovely little followers of Doubtless Designs. 
If you did not win and want one, check out her Etsy shop as she as all three on there. 
She is also fabulous at creating from scratch, so if there is something else you have in mind shoot her an e-mail and let her know and she will make it happen...fabulously!! : )
And a big thank you to Jessica for this awesome give-away!! :)

Happy Thursday to all and I hope you have a fabulous holiday weekend!!


tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

I was thinking about changing my name to Jessica. Does that count for anything? ;)

Megan said...

YAY!! SO excited!! :)