Tuesday, May 22, 2012

35 weeks!

How Far Along? 35 weeks, 5 days - 31 days to go!!!
Size? large canteloupe, 19 inches - 22 inches/4 3/4 lbs....but my girl is bigger! If this pound a week stuff is correct, then she is 6-7 now!
Maternity Clothes? Maxi dresses...every. day.
Weight Gain? Okay, so this is where I should lie...but what good does that do? 30 pounds...eek, that is terrifying even typing it! That means I gain a little over 4 pounds in 2 weeks!! YIKES! Doc says that is okay and majority of that is probably water as I am swelling so much...but more on that in a bit!
Stretch Marks? None yet, still crossing my fingers and lathering up! I am so over that smell!
Gender? Baby Girl!! Elise Kelly!
Sleep? When I get it, it is fabulous! But I wake up at 4am, almost on the dot every night, and am up for around an hour...some more some less. I did however go back to sleep and sleep until 9am on Saturday...and it was magical!!
Movement? its crazy these days! She is pushing so hard and my stomach gets all lop-sided...it's crazy and weird and I love it!
Food Cravings? sticking with my fruit these days, oranges and bananas per the MIL's instructions to help with my leg cramps and swelling - good thing me and baby girl are still loving all things fruit!
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope! :)
Labor signs? more Braxton Hicks lately...and they are serious! 
Belly button in or out? the top part is out and the bottom is flat, you can see it through some of my dresses now too. 
Wedding rings, on or off? off :( and sent to the jeweler to get re-dipped and all pretty for me after baby girl comes! :) 
What I Miss? I missed it all this weekend, all my girls went to Chicago for Jenny Crafton's bachelorette party...so jealous! Jenny Crafton and I are already talking about planning the next girls trip up there so all is good! :) 
Symptoms? swelling, swelling, and more swelling. From my knees down I can feel it and my hands too. It has yet to go to my face (knock on wood...a couple times), but my poor feet are not so hot. I am living in flip flops and maxi dresses...thank God my office is so awesome! 
Happy or Moody? I am happy, just get very tired very quickly! 
Best Moment of the Week? finishing up the nursery! I just need a few picture frames and we are set! Even the monitor is set up!!
Looking forward to....36 week doc appt on Thursday (we are every week now!), hoping and crossing my fingers baby girl is showing signs of making an early appearance! :) 



Shana said...

30 pounds or not, you look amazing. Congratulations on getting the nursery done so early so you can RELAX. You're my baby mama idol!

pretty little things said...

you look fantastic sporting that baby bump!! you're glowing!! : )


the girl in the red shoes said...

You are almost there! I think you look BEAUTIFUL!

Molly said...

You look absolutely amazing and I love your dress! You're so close to meeting your sweet baby girl, so exciting! :)

Reeza said...

Congratulations sarah....wish you to have sweet healthy baby..:)

Megan said...

You do NOT look like you have gained 30! It is all in your belly lucky girl!! You look great in your maxi!! :) Can't wait to see more nursery pics!!

Casey said...

Your adorable!!! Where's that cute dress from?