Tuesday, May 15, 2012

34 weeks...almost there folks!

How Far Along? 34 weeks, 4 days - 38 days to go!!!
Size? large canteloupe, 19 inches - 22 inches/4 3/4 lbs....but my girl is bigger! If this pound a week stuff is correct, then she is 6 now!
Maternity Clothes? same ole thing, just wearing what fits...and is comfortable!
Weight Gain? I'm gonna say 27, I go to the doc on Thursday
Stretch Marks? None yet, still crossing my fingers and lathering up! I am so over that smell!
Gender? Baby Girl!! Elise Kelly!
Sleep? Sleep has been better the past few nights. The Hubs eased my nerves with work stress so that has helped, still getting up at least 3 times a night to potty.
Movement? She is poking through so much these days, I mean hard - it's the weirdest/best feeling ever!
Food Cravings? nothing new, I am kind of over food at this point....
Anything making you queasy or sick? nope! :)
Labor signs? nothing yet!
Belly button in or out? just the top part is starting to poke out...I saw it through my dress a little today...boo!
Wedding rings, on or off? still wearing just the one band so far
What I Miss? bending over :)
Symptoms? still all those fun symptoms from last week and got my first official leg cramps...no fun!
Happy or Moody? I am happy this week! It's amazing what sleep can do for ya! 
Best Moment of the Week? getting some of her toys put together!
Looking forward to....getting everything organized and put together!



the girl in the red shoes said...

You look great Sarah, as always! I can't believe baby Elise will be here so soon!

Tiffany said...

You look adorable! Your getting so close! Make sure to go ahead and pack all of ur bags! lol. I learned that lesson the hard way!

Anne said...

Love the outfit & the glow!! You look great!! Can't believe it's right around the corner..,,,,

Molly said...

Looking great! Isn't it amazing how one night of (relatively) good sleep can totally revitalize you?!

Aliya said...

You still look amazing. I sort of hate you for it :) Haha.. jk! SO SOON!!!! xoxo

Sara said...

You're still looking fantastic! Congrats on 34 weeks - you're getting so close! Loving your outfit this week!

Kendra said...

You look so adorable! I love the dress!!