Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo Collage Recap

Well, it's Monday

And I am not feeling so hot on this lovely Monday.
It's like my body knew the third trimester started, because I am freaking exhausted...all the time again.
It all started last's probably not helping that I don't stop going, but still...I am ready for bed at like 7!
And on top of the exhaustion I just don't feel good. 
Hoping it will pass as I have lots going on this week and lots of chores I plan on getting knocked out! 

But let's move on to my weekend recap in photo collages! 
I love this fun little app!
It makes weekend recaps all so much more fun! :) 

First, Friday we went to TH's 1st Birthday Party.
I met this precious little guy when he was about 3 months old...I can't believe he is already 1! And so big and handsome! :)
 Here he is with his smash cake....and of course his girlfriend, AR, had to get in there and get some of that cake! Being the gentleman that TH is, he had no problem sharing.
 A few of the presents...someone else got the same bag as me...great minds thing alike! :) 
Bottom pics, TH driving his girlfriend around in his new ride!
 Then I was that annoying pregnant all know I have been craving hibatchi for quite sometime...well, the hubs decided he was too on Friday night. After all the fun birthday festivities we headed out to Kobe Steakhouse, and man was it good! And on the way we caught up with The Taylors and they decided to join us!! :) It was a fabulous last minute date night and freaking good...notice my dessert....
And of course precious little Adelyn was there too...her first trip to hibatchi...she was quite entertained! :)
 See, me and The Hubs with Addy!
 The Saturday, The Hubs headed out early with his brother to a gun permit class so that left me home for crafty time! :) I got a few things done I wanted for the nursery, play time with the pups, cleaned the house a bit, and a short little nap
(and I may or may not have gotten sucked in to the Shahs of Sunset marathon on Bravo whilst crafting....damn you Bravo, why do I allow you to suck me in to more terrible TV?!?!)
Here are a few sneak peaks of my crafty projects.... :) I will do a full post on both once I have them in place in the nursery!
Saturday night we went and had dinner on a patio and came home for a lazy night!
Sunday morning I woke up with some coffee (decaf of course...) and my Southern Living and the patio and the was deeelightful!! We then headed to The Hubs' grandmother's house for an early Easter celebration with his fam. It was such a gorgeous day and so nice to see everyone. One of The Hubs' cousin's is due with her 2nd baby girl a month ahead of not only did her and her family get us a "bag-o-goodies" (pictured below) she gave me all kinds of pregnancy insight! :) And then we had an Easter Egg Hunt for her 2 year old.
Once we headed home I did a little gardening, pulled out my dead tulips (so saddddd) and re-planted some begonias (I got on sale for 93 cents at Home Depot!!!) and decided that was enough.
Then the "not feeling so good" stuff started....and has yet to go 

But it is a gorgeous Monday and I will thank my lucky starts for it! :) 
How was your weekend???


Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Sounds like a nice weekend! I love your crafts - can't wait to see more details on them! :)

Jax @ JaxandMarbles said...

Just found your blog and I Love it!!!
I'm your newest follower.

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asj said...

so fun! can't wait to see the finished products on the crafts and that hibachi looks YUMMY!

Valerie Griffin said...

so fun! great pics!

Delta Daisies said...

so fun!!! Hope you get to feeling better!

Kristin said...

I hope you feel better, love! Not too much longer until you get to meet your pretty little lady! :) Looks like you had a super fun weekend! :)

P.S. You and the hubs should definitely come over for s'mores! Especially since we are now practically neighbors with your parents! :) And then, you can convince DGC that I NEEEEEEED one of those little cutter things! He's not yet on board, but we are definitely working on it! xoxo

Casey said...

Hey there! I wanted to introduce myself I just started following your blog a couple weeks ago!! I love seeing all your DIY projects and hearing about the arrival of your little one! I also loved seeing all your different wedding posts!!