Monday, April 9, 2012

Our Easter Weekend

Oh you are again...far too soon...and a little chilly I might add! I had to force my big ole pregnant belly into some pants and that just isn't as comfortable as all my dresses! :)

My weekend was delightful...nothing too exciting, but delightful nonetheless.

Friday I worked until about 11 (gotta loves sales, we may not be closed but all our clients are...which makes for a short day! :)), then I met Momma in to do a little shopping and lunch! 
We went to The Puffy have I lived in Nashville for over 6 years and never been there? 
It was deeelicious! 
And the desserts...oh my gawd!
This is only 2 of the 5 windows....dangerous for a pregnant girl...verrrry dangerous! 
PS, Mom - I am still daydreaming of those damn petit-fours!
 We did some shopping for her house and I found these adorable new square chevron place mats in navy/ cute are they?! Also pictured, this absolutely fabulous onesie I bough at the Moms with cameras class the other night. I got really excited about these place mats because with a square table you can only get square or round place mats...and I have not been able to find cute ones in a while...these however, too cute! LOVE!
Friday night we went to dinner with the folks and made it an early evening...the exciting life of a pregnant lady! :) 
Saturday, I woke up and immediately got into Spring Cleaning/Nesting task-our bedroom, closet, and bathroom. 
I cleaned out every drawer (2 dressers and one side table), our entire closet, and our entire bathroom. I am very disappointed in myself for not taking more pictures of my hard work...but I did snap a few...
The middle of the horrible mess....
The pic I sent to The Hubs of his pretty, organized, clean drawers!
 So 7 hours, 4 1/2 massive bags to goodwill, and 2 trash bags later and it was all clean, organized, color-coordinated, and pretty! 
Sad what makes a pregnant girl happy.... :) 
Saturday night The Hubs grilled out some burgers and I put my feet up! 

Sunday morning was Easter!
I was excited about this Easter as it was the first one The Hubs and I were able to go to our church!
We always got to is Grandmothers but since we celebrated with her last weekend we were able to stay in Nashville and ahead our Church services...AAAAAAAAAAAAnnd Momma and Daddy were able to join us! 
I loved being at church and seeing all the little kiddos in their Easter dresses and suits, so precious! 
Just made me think that next year Elise will be almost 10 months old!! Crazy!!

We then head to their house for a BIG and FABULOUS Easter lunch...another thing that makes a pregnant girl happy! :)
Here are my ever so fabulous collages....

First....the colored deviled eggs from pinterest Momma  made, in the middle, her fun little peeps decor, on the right me and The Hubs after church (I look huge in that dress!).
Bottom left and right, our pups heading to Mimi & Papas (aka, momma and daddy) for lunch. Otto decided he was going to ride shotgun...with his seat-belt on of The Hubs got in the back with Maylie...she rode like this the whole way...I think she was pouting because Otto was up front... ha!
 The spread of amazingness that is Momma's cooking! Not pictured, a fabulous spinach salad and orange angel food roll cake...think an orange was divine!
And then The Hubs and I went home to nap....HA! :) 

It was a fabulous weekend with lots accomplished! 

Hope yours was fabulous too!!

Now on to conquer this 4 day work week...yes, 4 day since 2 of my very bestest friends are coming in town on Thursday night!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


asj said...

looks like a blast! AND I'm so hungry now due to all those yummy food pictures, haha! :)

Mrs Xenos said...

I am in LOVE with those placemats!! Where did you find them again??

Valerie Griffin said...

great pics, looks like a great weekend!

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

All the food pics look so good! And I love the wine corks and peeps - so cute!!

Kaytee said...

great pics! love the organized closet and peep tree :) :) :)

Morgan Neal said...

Omg! Busy, busy weekend! I love all the decorations for Easter! And that onsie-- Adorbs!

Jeremy and Megan said...

That onesie for baby girl is TOO cute!!

LOVE the easter decor and the eggs are so fun!!

Those desserts have my mouth watering!! JEALOUS!!

Flip Flops on Fifth said...

haha love the Peeps flowers... cute idea!

Christine said...

I love the puffy muffin. They have the best cookies!