Tuesday, April 17, 2012

And we were showered!!

Okay, so our shower was fabulous! 
But I may be a little partial....

Our friends threw us a couples shower so The Hubs and all his friends could partake in the celebration! 
They put together a dinner shower and it was fabulous....did I mention it was fabulous?? :)

So here we go with the overload of pics....

And my favorite part of the party....these wishes for Elise. I  LOOOOOOVED reading through them and I know she will too!! :)

A fabulous painted burlap sign painted my dear friend Laurie!
(she does all kinds of stuff too...Mascots with your name, Holiday characters, sooo many cute things! I'll have to post pics! :) )
Our baby pics!

My besties!! Love it when the 4 of us are together!!

With my sweet mom-in-law and Katie P!
All of my beautiful, amazing, fabulous, lovely, and spectacular girlfriends/hosts!
Our amazing parents!
Me and my AWESOME husband! AKA, Elise's Daddy!

My bro and sis-in-law!

T-Word, oh how I miss you!!

present time!
Best burp cloth ever!
Ole Miss on one side.....
UT on the other!

So this gift was a trip! 2 of our best guy friends (one of my best friends from high school & one of The Hubs' best friends from college) decided to attack their first baby shower together. 
They went to Babies'R'Us and checked out the registry and everything!! 
(I would have paid a lot of money to see the two of them in Babies'R'Us!!)
So this is what they got....
Got the Baby Bullet - baby food maker! YAY!!!
Breast Pads....
and Jack Daniels for The Hubs!
LOVE IT! And please notice that it is in a "It's a Boy" bag... HA! :) 

And The Hubs got his carrier!
and he LOVES it!
He was so sweet, he said how excited he was to strap her in and take her on a walk with the pups! Melt my heart! 

So that was the shower....and it was faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaabulous! 
Did I mention that yet?? Hehehehe!

We are so beyond blessed to have such amazing people in our lives and Elise is one lucky girl to have them all be a part of her life too!! 



Laura Darling said...

Looks like you had a beautiful shower!

Casey said...

Your shower looks amazing!! I love all the special details they did!! Where is that beautiful necklace your wearing from?? I just love it!!!

Hannah said...

I just found your blog this morning and love it! I'm a new follower. ;) You are seriously the cutest pregnant lady around! Your shower looks fantastic. I love the little melon bowl. Come check out my Kate Spade giveaway.

Valerie Griffin said...

looks like a great shower!

Amanda said...

Looks like you guys had a blast! You look so pretty in your pink dress and turquoise necklace!

The Smiths said...

Looks like you had a lovely shower! :-)

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

what a lovely shower...love the pic of you and your girlfriends :)

Mrs. S said...

such a fun shower! love your dress--is it maternity?

Morgan Neal said...

Looks like an amazing shower. Love the food, gifts and all the pics. Hope I'm that cute preggo!

Katie said...

Absolutely precious! looks so fabulous!!! Your dress...you always look so chic! Where is it from?! I need to take notes to wear dresses when I'm preggers bc they are so cuteon you

Jeremy and Megan said...

First off I have to say how amazing you look!! Seriously!! :)

Looks like such a fun shower!! You guys will LOVE that carrier!! How funny of your guy friends!! :)

Little Miss Southern said...

Love the shower pictures!!! You look AMAZING! What a perfect dress!
What carrier did you end up going with? I still can't decide!