Monday, April 30, 2012

And that's all I got today...

I am going on about 4 1/2 hours of sleep....when I need/used to at least 9.....
I am barely functioning this morning...
I can only imagine what my hair and make-up look like....
So I have a very short weekend recap for you...
Friday afternoon I met Laura for some diaper bag shopping...and I found this pretty little thing at Kate Spade...damn you, Kate Spade, damn you.
Now, I originally loved the other, more common style but the lovely lady at Kate Spade showed me this one...
And I am now in love. 
I had pretty much talked myself out of the other style, 
it didn't have the cross body strap, it was really wide...and I was just worried I would get bored with it. ]
So I pretty much talked myself out of it....and then this one came along. 
I can do the straps 3 ways.
The Hubs can carry it and it kinda looks like a man bag, not a diaper bag or ladies fru fru purse.
When I am done using it as a diaper bag, it is the perfect size for a travel carry on, or a computer bag. 
And it's it goes with every season.
Damn you Kate Spade, damn you.
So  now, I think I have to purchase it...even with the waaaaaay over the top price tag.
But The Hubs told be to do it so it's okay, right?! :)
Friday night...we did a whole lotta nothing...and it was deeelightful!
 Grilled out and watched the tube on the couch....fabulous!

Saturday morning I woke up and made this recipe that I spoke about here....
And they did not disappoint!!
 Then I went to shower for the lovely are few can tell a pregnant woman was taking them...3 pics of food, 2 of them being cake...
I then came home and started working on the gallery wall. And it turned out perfect!! I LOOOOOOOOOOVE it! More on the final product later.

PS, those command stips..a MUST for gallery walls!! I highly recommend!!

 Then yesterday I spent the afternoon at the Urgent Care doctor with The Hubs. Poor thing is not well :(. 
We had pizza and then laid around for the evening....and I continued to "lay around"  with horrible heartburn until midnight before I woke up at 3:30. Awesome. 

That was my weekend and I would pay a lot of money to be at home in bed.
But I am still a happy girl because baby girl was up with me! HA!

Friday, April 27, 2012

It's Friday!!

It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday...sorry, anyone else know that terrible song I am referring to?? HA!

Any who, it's Friday..YAY!! I have a relaxing weekend planned with a few minor plans..

Tonight I am planning on getting the gallery wall in E's Nursery finished! :) 

Here is a sneak peak at one of the several AMAZE-BALLS prints the awesome Jessica did for Elise!
Seriously, the girl rocks!! I will have some fun news regarding you and her and her fabulous work in a few weeks!! :) 

Than Saturday I have a Bridal Shower to attend honoring the ever so fabulous Jenny Crafton! 
(Laura and I with The Lovely Bride-to-Be at her engagement party a few weeks ago)

Speaking of showers, I got this oh so cute invite for my last shower in the mail yesterday!!
How cute is this?!?!?!

Other than that we don't have many plans. 
There is a fabulous festival on the square in Franklin so we may try and do that.....we shall see.

Oh and Happy Birthday to my fabulous and sweet Meredith!! She is in the Bahamas celebrating (so jealous!) but I made this oh so fun and oh so fabulous magazine cover birthday card for her on and I can wait for her to get home and see it! HA!

Yippee for the weekend!