Wednesday, March 7, 2012

What I am loving on this Wednesday!

It's more day for my work week!! 
And I am only half a day tomorrow too!! Sweet!!

I thought I would play along with WILW this week as there are LOTS of things I am loving this week!

First, I am LOOOOOOOOOVING that this Sunday is daylight savings! 
I loathe the short days of leaving work when it is dark outside....I cannot wait to have daylight until 8!!! 

I am also loving a few recent things I have pinned.....
I am reeeeeeally loving this bookcase I found last week. 
I do believe that I need it for Elise's nursery!
Can be found here.
And this print from Urban Outfitters, the colors are perfect for the nursery!

I am reeeeeeally loving that The Hubs and are leaving on a jet plane on Friday for Charlotte! 
We are going to see some of my family (a very small part of my huge family) for a mini-shower type party for myself and my sweet cousin that is also expecting! 
We are a week apart, what are the odds?!?!? :) 

I am loving this skit from SNL this past weekend. Did you all catch it?
It's totally making fun of all "The Real Housewives" and I LOVE it!

I am also loving that Punk'd is coming back on! Yes! I saw a few previews in the past couple weeks, with T-Swift and Khloe Kardashian...I can't wait!! :) 

MTV Shows

I am also loving my latest Spring decor...

And of course there were leftovers.....and I love me some peeps!!

And of course I am loving my bestest friend and love,



Kristen said...

That SNL skit made me laugh too, especially Kristen Wiig - love her! And I really need to bust out our spring decor this weekend.

Valerie Griffin said...

very excited for daylight savings! :)

Faison said...

I loved that SNL skit this weekend, and I don't think I've laughed that hard in a long time! You've totally inspired me to unpack my Spring decor! :) Have a great Wednesday!

asj said...

I LOVED the SNL skit, too freaking funny. The spring decor is too cute too! love.

Tyah Ferguson said...

Found ya on WILW! Love your spring decorations and the bookcase from pintrest! Congrats on the bebe!!

Amanda Klein said...

The Real Housewives of Disney was sooo funny! My husband was even getting the connections which tells me he really is paying attention when I have RH on!! ; )
P.S. I have that same banner!!

Tiffany said...

ahhh can't wait for daylight savings.
the housewives video just made my night...hilarious!

Holly said...

I love that bookshelf too - very pretty!

We still have a little while to go before daylight saving here in NZ. :)

Laura said...

i had a feeling that you had gotten into those peeps :)

I think you need that book shelf too. WAY to cute!!

Bailey@Lost&Found said...

OMG, that SNL skit is hilarious! I missed it Saturday, so thank you for sharing it on your blog!

And your Spring decorations are adorable! Spring is my favorite time of year :)

Hope you're having a great week!


natasha {schue love} said...

Loving the Urban Outfitters print...need to check that out to see if they have anything fun for boys!