Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekend full of Nursery Projects!

Ho hum, it's Monday...again! My weekend flew by! 
I guess because I spent the majority of the weekend in weird shapes and positions...and by that I mean lots of projects in the nursery!

Friday was fun, Daddy came over and helped me take down the original wardrobe.

Here is a pic from when we first  moved into the house...this room went through many changes since then....
but here is that wardrobe....we had to take it completely apart to get it out of the room!
Then we started spackling on the holes in the wall.
And while we were doing all this the dresser AND the crib got delivered!! YAY!!

Then the storms came through Nashville...I was putting together the new wardrobe during all of all sounded much worse than it actually was!

 Saturday Mom and I had quite the day!
We went to pick up the paint, then lunch, then "run in to" Target....yeah can imagine how that was the first time mom and I have been together around precious baby girl stuff since we found out Baby B was a she....needless to say we spend a lot more time and money then anticipated! :)  
But, MAN we had fun!! :) 

So then it was home to start the painting!
(and I guess you may be wondering where The Hubs was in all of this....he and some of his friends went to Knoxville for the last UT Basketball game...which they won!! Go Big Orange!! and I decided I was going to get this done before he got home....great idea, right?!)

So here is one of the pictures I snapped whilst painting....
my mask matched the paint color...awesome right?!
And let me just say, we used Benjamin Moore paint, the Natura line. And that paint was amazing!!! 
It is meant for nurseries and has no VOC...meaning low or no fumes....and I highly recommend it! 
I am a little OCD about this nursery and I wanted to get it done ASAP but everyone was worried about me being around paint fumes. Well, I did my research and found out that Benjamin Moore's Natura was the best....AND the color I picked out happened to be sweet is that?!?! 
Any who, the paint was awesome. 2 coats and it was perfect and almost no fumes while painting and none the next day! I highly recommend it!

After we finished we met Daddy for dinner and then decided to come home and start on the dresser....this pic is only about half the parts....seriously THE WORST thing I have ever put together!
We started about 8:45....ended at 1:00am. 
Mom and I are the same, we HAD to finish it. HAD to! 
There were SO many freaking parts and the directions were terrible! 
And the thing that pisses me off about it is I read reviews on Amazon that said it was fairly easy to put together....fairly easy my ass! 
Pardon my french...but seriously, I have put together ALL kinds of things....that wardrobe, 2 elliptical machines, patio table and chairs, patio sofas, etc....all of these by myself! But this thing was a WHOLE 'nother monster! 
I would have GLADLY paid someone lots of money to do that for me. 
Mom and I joked that Elise was going to pass this dresser down to her great grandchildren! HA! :) 
But here is the finished project....
 I will say, it is a great piece of furniture. Very solid, very sturdy, and very pretty! It is exactly what I wanted! :) 

And the other project, wash all of the new clothes, blankets, burp clothes etc....all in Dreft, so it is all smells like a sweet sweet little baby! :) 
Is this not the sweetest closet ever?

The Hubs and I finished up the weekend with a lazy day Sunday. 
We had all intentions of putting the crib together but we were both way too pooped for that! 
So we had pizza, a nap with the pups on the couch, more pizza, a movie, more cuddle time (I missed him... :)), and then I went to bed with the pups and watched GCB.
Did anyone else catch that?! I actually really liked it, more than I thought I would! 
I would describe it as Desperate Housewives meets, The Real Housewives, meets Sex and the City....and I say SATC because it is from Darren Star...same person who did SATC so you know it is gonna be good! :) 

So that was my weekend! Went quick, but got LOTS accomplished!! :) 

Now to start the work week...which is actually a 4-day work week for me, yay!!!...come on motivation!!



asj said...

looks GREAT!! love that paint color - I'm the same OCD way about putting together furniture so I would have done the same thing!

can't wait to see more, so exciting!! :)

Katie said...

I love the paint color you picked!! I'm not surprised at all hahah ;) and the dresser looks really good too!

Little Miss Southern said...

Love it!!! The paint is so pretty and that dresser turned out amazing! What a great find!

jessica said...

i love the paint color you guys chose. aww so perfect for a little girl. can't wait to see more.

jessica said...

i love the paint color you guys chose. aww so perfect for a little girl. can't wait to see more.

Melissa Knott said...

It all looks so GREAT! Ahh how exciting. She's totally worth it! : )

Delta Daisies said...

It looks like you had a busy, but good weekend! Love the color of her room! It's going to be so precious! I need to check out that show!!

Kristin said...

Yay! I'm so glad you decided to go with the bright nursery! It looks FANTASTIC! And you're right. Sweetest. Closet. Ever.

Oh. Em. Gee. I'm pretty much hooked on CGB. I actually laughed outloud several times. I hope the network keeps it because if the pilot was any indication, it's seriously going to be one of my faves!

Tiffany said...

Looove the paint color. The dresser looks amazing!!!

The Smiths said...

Love the wall color and the dresser. I remember putting Jackson's furniture together with the help of my dad and husband and it was not as easy as I had hoped either. Elise's dresser is beautiful though. :-) And shopping for babies is soooo much fun!