Monday, March 19, 2012

Wedding Week Link Up! E-Photos

Okay, so a few of my favorite blogs are helping host this fun link up of course I had to play along!

Today's post is Engagement Photos hosted by Just a Touch of Gray.

I haven't posted them in a while, so I am very excited about this! :)

We took our pics on a GORGEOUS spring day back in 2009.
We started off at Cheekwood Botanical Gardens and then headed downtown for some fun shots.
Our photographer, Hannah Elaine, was amazing!! We absolutely loved her...and still do! As a matter of fact, she will be taking some pics of our sweet little miss Elise once she arrives! :) 

 My hair was so short!
Love the pretty flowers!

 In the Asian Garden with bamboo!

 One of my favorites!

 Our "model" faces.....

 a little leg....

Our sweet boy, Otto! This was before we had Maylie Lou!

 Our blue wall!

 Love this pic.....this was a recreation of one of our favorite candid pics of all time taken in Memphis...
see: it was totally on accident how fabulous this pic turned out. It was the first time I had taken The Hubs to meet the fam, we had been dating about 2 months....needless to say, I LOVE this pic...
And here is our Nashville version! :)
And ironically enough, our reception was on 3rd Ave!!

He makes me laugh!

Another one of my faves!

We have fun!

Another fave!


And that is just a few of the hundreds we got from that day! :)

Now head over to Just a Touch of Gray and link up!


Unknown said...

awesome pics! y'all are such a cute couple!

Leslie said...

Love these pictures!! Very cute! :)

Anne said...

Love 'em all! Adorable!


Kristin said...

Fabulous photos, girlie! LOVE!

asj said...

so cute and what a SMALL world - I don't know Hannah, but she's married to my friend John from Columbia...?!?!

Mrs. Eckelmann said...

I love your photos! They're so fun while at the same time so beautiful. You guys look like such a happy couple!

Kristen said...

Gorgeous photos - I love the blue wall!

Megan said...

These photos are SO cute!! :)