Friday, March 23, 2012

Wedding Link Up - Before the Ceremony

It's Friday! Sweeeeeeeeeeeet!
And I have some doubly sweet news on this lovely Friday....and I am so sorry I didn't share yesterday...
I passed my big glucose test!!
I am still anemic but by glucose levels are good and Elise and I can enjoy all kinds of sugar!! :)
Thanks you Lord!! :) 
Huge relief!
So thank you all for your kind words, thoughts and prayers! Elise and I and our desserts thank you! :) 

Before I get to the next installment of The Wedding Week Link-Up, here is a quick pic of my weekend...
Tonight, dinner with The Hubs...maybe date night??
Tomorrow night, an engagement party for this fabulous couple, 
 first party to start off all the wedding festivities!! 

Then Sunday morning, a baptism for one of my very favorite little girls....
Miss AR
Sounds like a fabulous weekend to me! :) 

Now on to the wedding link-up...
Today you can link up for at Along the Way with V & J, which is fabulous little blog that I just started following a little bit should definitely check her out! :)

We will start off with a few randoms from the salon.

We all (all being all the bridesmaids) spent the night at my friend Jennifer's house...I barely slept at all. 
Like up at 5 wandering around the house by myself before I started waking everyone up around 5:30... HA!
We had breakfast that my awesome girls made and then headed to the salon for beautifying and mimosas!!
2 of my besties with their hairs all pretty!
 These next two...absolutely terrible...but I had to share....
That's me in the hair process....
 Plucking a few stray hairs in the brows...I couldn't stop laughing after she plucked my skin. Terrible pic, but one of my favorites!
 Hair done, and now the make-up!
On to the church!

 Zipping the girls up...Vera Wang can back a gorgeous dress, but her zippers suck! HA!
 Getting in my dress!!!
Just a little happy...
 My professional tying bridesmaid.

I have good friends!
 One of my most favorite pics!
 Love this pic of my Katie P smiling at me, and I totally remember what she was saying to me then! :)
 Ladies doing their final touches before pics!
 Some much needed grub!
Of course there are a are a few of my faves!

Love this one because we are all having too much fun!

Now on to the  men...

 Brothers helping each other out! :)

My sexy husband!

 He's so funny....
Yes, he is doing a ninja kick!

 They are so funny....

Love this pic of my Gram just waiting on start time! :)
 waiting in the room...almost time....
Best Friends since high school!!

 Daddy waiting...
and here we go!
 Sneaking in the side this heart was going 90 to nothin'!!
Deep breaths...I remember standing in this little holding room...I could hear the organ and my girls were slowly leaving me one by one to head down the aisle....freaking out a bit...
 trying not to cry....
And then Daddy made it better!

 And here we go!!
So those are my "before the ceremony" shots!

Head over to Valerie's and play along!

Happy Weekend!!!


Valerie Griffin said...

love these pictures, Sarah! so gorgeous :)

Molly said...

Oh my goodness that picture of your grandmother is gorgeous. Such a pretty wedding party.

Amanda said...

LOVE the pics! Looks like your day was beautiful :)

Meghan @ More from Meg said...

Love your pictures - you look beautiful! Love your blog, I'm a new follower! :)

Little Miss Southern said...

Hooray!!!! You passed! I knew you would :) Congrats girl!

Love these pics! :)

Tyah Ferguson said...

SoOo many things I LOVE!!! Your jeweled belt! Your HAIR is to die for! And I cannot get over how incredibly awesome the church photos of both girls/guys were staggered into the pews! Seriously the most amazing photo idea!! Cannot wait to see the big day!

Amy {Fresh and Fancy} said...

you look so beautiful! i love your dress - and the detailing on your bridesmaid's dresses is amazing - so glad you linked up!

Anonymous said...

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natasha {schue love} said...

The bridesmaid dresses are so fun! Love all of your details! And you, of course, are just radient!