Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Pins and Randomness

First up a few baby/pregnancy pins....
Love this idea of having some of her cutest outfits be displayed. 
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Such a sweeeeeeeeeeeet picture! Everyone giving love to the baby girl!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest
Ummmm, how awesome are these walls?!
I heart this diaper bag.
This gives me an idea for a full post...coming soon...
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Okay that's enough of baby stuff...

how yummy do these look?!?!
Cake Batter Muddy Buddies!!

Or this yummy cake,
It's Raspberry Lime Poke Cake
(poke holes in baked cake and then pour in your favorite flavor of jello....pretty, colorful, AND yummy!! :) 

This made me laugh...The Hubs needs this in his man cave.
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Such a cute idea!!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I want some of these soooooooooooo bad!
I can't seem to find them in maternity...maybe there is a reason for that.... :)

So did anyone else watch Fashion Star last night??

I, for one, loved it! 
I love the judges, specifically that Jessica told that jackass whats up! 
I love the buyers (if only we had an H&M you year that Nashville?!?! We need an H&M! And an Ikea while you're at it!)
And I love how fast it goes. 
No drawing out the results and making it more dramatic than new fashions that you can buy the next day! Very cool!

Next up on my randomness, some not so fun news...

I got a call from my Doc yesterday regarding my glucose test....and they weren't what you want.
I am anemic, yay. 
This is not a huge surprise as I have always had issues with low Iron, ever since High School. 
I just thought the Iron in my pre-natals would be enough...well, it seems Little Miss is taking every bit of that Iron! 
So now, I have to take Iron medicine everyday...on top of pre-natals...that should be fun...and all you pregnant women out there know what I am talking about.  
My glucose levels are also very elevated. :(
This means that I have to go back on Friday for THE BIG test. 
Meaning 3 hours of drinking sugar, several blood tests, and no eating. 
That's right they are telling a pregnant woman not to eat from Midnight Thursday to noon on Friday. 
I am NOT happy about this. 
Or the fact that I could possibly not be able to enjoy all the sugar this baby girl is craving! 
Diabetes is on both sides of my family so this was always a bit of a worry for me. 
I am hoping I have the middle to low case of it so I can fix it with less sugar in my diet and a pill. 
Cross your fingers and say some prayers for me! :)

With all of that being said, I want to offer a

I was in a funk yesterday...still kind of am. 
For several reasons, the above being one, but nonetheless a funk.
I got so many sweet sweet comments from all of you on my bumpdate yesterday and every single one of them made me smile. 
An emotional pregnant woman needs that more than you know! 
And this is why I love blogging. 
I can be having an absolutely terrible-funky day and all of you wonderful peeps out there help make it better. 
For that I thank you! :)

I am putting on a happy face today and hoping for good things and thanking the man above for all of these amazing blessings I have in my life. 
Especially this amazing life growing inside me!
I think mom and I are going to get a mani/pedi and then we are going over to there house for dinner. 
And hey, my favorite holiday is this weekend.....St. Patrick's Day!!! 
Happy Humpday Friends!!



Erin said...

I've been searching for mint skinnies and can't seem to find many decent ones either...and I'm not pregnant haha.

Valerie Griffin said...

love those pretty nursery pins!

Little Miss Southern said...

Aww friend! I'm sorry about the dr news! I've always been anemic too - and somehow I've stayed ok during this pregnancy.. maybe powdered dounts have a lot of iron?
You'll do great at the 3-hour! & if you need to cut back on some more sugar - just remember that we are having our babies in the SUMMER! So you will be back in a tiny swimsuit WAY faster than the rest of us :)


Jeremy and Megan said...

awww! I hope the mani/pedi makes you feel better!! :)

Molly said...

I just went through the same thing w/the Dr.-failed my 1 hour then went in for the 3 hour. And, it turns out I am anemic too :( I am NOT looking forward to the iron supplements for the same reason, yuck!

Good luck w/the test! Fingers crossed for good results! I might suggest bringing a snack for right after you're done (as I almost passed out after no eating for 18 hours!).

Mrs Xenos said...

I totally forgot to leave a post on your adorable post yesterday with your bump date pic. Your little baby bump is too cute! I love your bump date posts...and all of your posts for that matter.

Just wanted to drop you a little line to hopefully cheer you up! Mani/Pedis ALWAYS do the trick for me! :)

Have a great rest of your week, Sarah!

jessica said...

i want some mint skinnies so bad. i need, i need. just like i need a piece of that jello cake :) yum!

Molly said...

I want those mint pants too! I watched fashion star last night, but thought that the show was strangely organized. I wish I could have had a better introduction to the competitors before we saw their collections.

Kristen said...

I love those mint skinnies! Just stopped by from the link-up and I love your blog! You have a new follower! And good luck with not eating! :)

Jenna said...

Love the mint skinnies!!

ms.composure said...

stumbled onto your blog and just wanted to leave you a little blog luv!
very very cute pics!! and i def need the jack Daniels jug dispenser!!! LoL

Anonymous said...

I keep hearing rumors that we are going to get an H&M in the newly refurbished Opry Mills... Keep those fingers and toes crossed!!! There is going to be lots of new fabulousness going on in that place!

Anna & Kirby said...

love the picture of everyone lovin' up on the belly!!

Amy Silver said...

I've made one of those cakes before and they are soo good.. I am anemic too. I have to take iron supp while preg as well, but didn't have to take the long glucose test. The extra iron does make me sick, boo. I'm sure you'll do great. Pregos' definitely deserves those mani/pedi pick me ups. Pregnancy sure does a number on your hormones!

Erin O'Riordan said...

My dad would love that "water" cooler!