Monday, March 12, 2012

I'm back! & And Showered!

Sorry for my unexpected hiatus!
I  had my doctor's appointment Thursday morning, then my day got a bit there went Thursday...
Then Friday morning we hopped on a plane to Charlotte for my very first baby shower! 
I have family there and a few other family members came to town to celebrate Elise and my cousin who also due in June! How crazy is that!?
This was only a small portion of our huge Irish Clan, but fun and a big time nonetheless! :)
Here are a few pics, my sweet cousin took A TON more so I will share those once I get them!
The diaper cakes, my cousin isn't finding out what she is having (she is much stronger and patient than I am! :)), so we had to got neutral! :)
She has said from day 1 that she is having whatever I am not now we are saying a boy. The Hubs swears it's a boy...if he is right maybe he is the man to ask every time! He was right about Elise! :) 
Some of our goodies!
 The sweetest little shoes EVER! I spotted these whilst registering at Target....I wanted them badly... :)
 The mommas-to-be with our AMAZING Grandma! 84 and still going strong!! She is so very special to us!
And on a side note, I think it is awesome that she is making Elise's bedding...that, too, is sooo very special!! :)
It was such a special weekend with just a few members of my amazing family! And many others that were missed.
The Hubs and I (and Elise) are so blessed and lucky to have such awesome family! 
On both sides!
My amazing In-Laws came and house-sat for us and watched our pups while we were gone....which makes us and the pups VERY happy!! :)
And we came home to dinner in the crockpot, a sparkling clean house, lots of new goodies for Elise, some Easter candy, and the best part...the crib put together!!!
The room is starting to come together....eeekkk!! I can't wait for it!! 

So that was our weekend in a nutshell!
Hope yours was fabulous!


Valerie Griffin said...

SUPER cute :)

Kristin said...

Yay for your super fun shower and cousins that will be so close in age! :) That's going to be one loved little girl!