Friday, March 16, 2012

A few of my favorite blogs..

So while you are reading this I am at the doctor having my 3 hours worth of blood test, jealous?! Cross your fingers and wish us luck! :) 

I have made mention of how much I love blogging here lately and I thought I would share some of my favorites. I have found several fabulous blogs in the past few months/year and I thought I would share the wealth with all of you! :) 
Of course majority of these new ones are mommy/pregnancy blogs.....yes, I have become that blog...sue me, I'm pregnant, that's what my mind consists of. 
Anyway on to the list!
I will start with some of my favorite 
Nursery Blogs:
Chic & Cheap Nursery 
Probably my fave, pics of nurseries, inspirations, parties, pictures...everything new momma-to-be's looooove looking at! :)

Lay Baby Lay
Fun Nursery Inspirations

Project Nursery 
Also one of my faves. Real nurseries from real mommas! 
Very pretty blog...always pretty pretty pictures! 

A few Pregnancy Blogs:
Little Baby Garvin
Love this sweet little family. They just welcomed their baby girl last month, but if you have time go back through and look at all of her "bumpdates". She has a fabulous chalkboard that she designed different every week! I am so jealous I didn't think of something like that!! 

Little Miss Southern Loves
Love this girl! She is actually a Nashvillian as well.....
Aaand we are less than 2 weeks apart on due dates! 
Aaaannnd we are both having little girls!
Although we haven't actually met in person, we chat weekly and I think she is pretty fantastic and is going to make a fabulous momma! :)

Forever 88 
Annahita is fabulous....seriously, she is funny, fabulous and has been a huge help to insight on my pregnancy! :) 
She is a couple weeks ahead of me and I look to her for whats to come! :) 
And she has quite possible one of the cutest puppies on the planet!

Schue Love
The fabulous momma-to-be is due in June too, with their first baby...a sweet little boy! 
She is good with her blog...she talks about fashion, food, home design, and some baby stuff....I should learn from her... :)

Double the Fun
This momma-to-be is expecting her 2nd baby....and she has a baby...that's right she is having "almost" Irish Twins! :) She is too cute and is precious learning the ropes with her little man all while expecting a baby girl! 
She also does a weekly post called Monday-Momma's-To-Be, which I will be guest posting on in the next few months! But it's fabulous because you can see other mommas and their stories, ideas, helpful hints, etc!   

My last momma is due any minute! :) 
She is too cute and always looks fabulous in her bumpdates!
They are expecting their little girl very soon and I have not doubt she will be just as fashionable as her momma!

And just of course a few regular  
non baby crazy blogs! :) 
All Things Considered 
This is one of my very favorite people, Jessica...or as I like to call her Jessimica. 
She is a graphic designer and my go-to lady for all things invitations....and hopefully some goodies for little Elise! :) 
But she is funny, has a fabulous man-friend, and really cute cats! :)

Keep Calm & Carry On
Katie is a trip, seriously, if you don't read her should!
She has fashion, food, health, work-out, travel....all kinds of stuff. 
And she seems to know how to have a good kinda girl! :) 

Loving Life in Love 
This is my BFF, enough said right?!
But for real, she has all kinds of fabulous recipes (which I normally get to indulge in), home-craftiness, fashion finds, decorating finds, and of course the 2 most precious Westies ever!
Check her out!

a'la mode 
This blog has all things decorating....and she normally finds them at TJ Maxx! LOVE!
She is also has a pretty stinking  cute little girl! :) 
But her home is to die for, take a peak!

A Hot Pair of Boots
 Now Kristin, she is just plain fabulous! 
Seriously, southern as they come, likes to have a good time, funny, and totally who she is...LOVE it! 
And she encourages me to buy indulgent things for myself (who doesn't need that!?).
But for real, she is funny and fun and always there for a good post! :)

Ten June
Another fabulous home-decorating blog....(I am seeing a trend)....
But this pretty lady just announced that she was expecting! So she may fall into oen of my previous categories here soon! :)
But they have a ranch-style home and have done wonders with updating it and I love it!

Honey We're Home 
Okay, this home...seriously.... I need. 
Especially that kitchen. 
And that closet!
Precious lady, with an even more precious little man, and LOTS of decor ideas!

Bower Power
Cutest little man ever. Love this couples little boy.
And their home, oh my gawd is it gorgeous! 
And when you do the house tour, be sure to check out their first house is uh-maaz-ing.!

Young House Love
And I just love this precious little family.
I have mentioned them before, but for reals they are too cute and have an amazing eye for attention to detail! 
And fabulous before & afters!

Whew. I am now exhausted....that's a lotta blog lovin'! :) 
Those are just a few of the ones that I love reading everyday so I felt I should pass along the love to all of you!
Check 'em out and please share some of your favorites!!



Katie said...

Aw thank you Sarah!! This is such a good idea to share fav blogs :) honored to be on your list!

Courtney B said...

Woo hoo! I love finding new blogs to read! But of course, I LOVE reading your blog ;) ha ha!

Kristin said...

You are so freaking adorable! Thanks for the shout-out. You sure do know how to make a girl feel all special like! ;)

Sending lots of warm and fuzzy and sugar-free thoughs your way today! Let me know how it goes! xoxo

natasha {schue love} said...

Awww thanks for the shout out!! So excited to check out your blog recs! Have a great weekend! :)

Anna & Kirby said...

Great post! I love the same pregnancy blogs as you! Actually, I'm pretty obsessed with finding baby/pregnancy blogs now-a-days.

Britt @ The Magnolia Pair said...

We love a lot of the same blogs! Especially Schue love and Hello Happiness, love them !! So glad I found your blog girl. I am so excited to read more from you! I love reading about marriage and babies :)

Jeremy and Megan said...

We share a lot of fave blogs!! :)