Monday, March 19, 2012

A fabulously productive weekend!

My weekend in pics! 

First a bunch of randoms...

1. My lunch at J.Alexanders after 4 hours of blood testing!
2. Date night with The Hubs at 55 South Friday night....we ended the evening with Sweet Cece's on the square in Franklin...perfect preggo date night! 
3.Sunday afternoon fun, doing 2 loads of baby girl's laundry, see Maylie helping out! 
4.Reading new baby mags on our patio thanks to the lovely Dawn Taylor!
Woke up early to start on some yard work....all I wanted to do was get some flowers planted....but my amazing husband and one of our amazing friends helped out and we got ALL kinds of stuff done!
Went to Lowes and stocked up on impatients, tulips, & azaleas.
We planted the beds in the front, 2 hanging pots, bought and planted 2 new planters by the door, ripped out 2 dead trees in the beds (YAYYYYYYYYYY! I hated those trees!) and planted 3 new Azalea bushes, mulched all the front beds, and then planted 4 more pots for the back yard. 
And we got it all done in about 3 hours! 
That makes this lady VERY happy!
Here are a few pics...
We also did a little grocery shopping Saturday for our last minute St. Patrick's Day soiree.Aaaannnnd The Hubs went and picked up our glider!! YAY!!!
Once the yard work was done I started baking and preparing for the party.
Sidenote...I should have stopped there...this pregnant lady doesn't know when to stop sometimes....
But I made this cake, or my version of it....
And it turned out fabulous!! Soooooooooooooo yummy!!! I will definitely be making it again in all colors and flavors!

And then here are a few pics I snapped from the party.... how cute are these, the hubs bought Shamrock plants and cupcakes on his beer run! :)
Left, Irish Car Bombs - Right, A pregnant lady's cocktail
1.Dawn and I cooking homemade beer batter fish & chips with Guiness, of course!
2. Addy pooped after a long St. Patrick's Party
3. A pic of the grub!
Sunday, we woke up and went to church and then this pregnant lady hit the wall....I did waaaaaaaaaaaaay too much and couldn't get to my bed fast enough. The Hubs went down to his family farm (after running to grab me lunch, he is THE BEST!), and then I napped...for 2 hours...and it was glorious! 
I woke up and put away all the goodies from the Shower last weekend and attempted to get the glider set up....which was actually done by The Hubs later... (PS, I have lots of new updates on the nursery!! Post coming soon!!)
Next up, I started laundry with Dreft on Baby Girl's new clothes (smells like the most precious little baby, btw!). While that was running I started craft time. Thanks to my fabulous cutting machine I am making little Thank-You cards for Elise for all the goodies she is getting! 
How cute did they turn out?!
Then when The Hubs got home we relaxed on the porch (pictured above) with water and beer and magazines and music. It was delightful. 
Ended the evening with a steak dinner and some Mad Men re-runs!
It was a fabulously productive weekend! 

How was yours?!


Morgan Neal said...

Sounds perfect and busy! Do you have the recipe for the fish & chips? Can't wait to see the nursery update!!

Little Miss Southern said...

I want your weekend :) All of it! Even the 4 hours at the doctor if it meant I could have lunch at J's!!

Love the planting, baking, washing, & new glider arriving!! I can't wait to see pictures!

Jeremy and Megan said...

Looks like you had a VERY busy and productive weekend! I bet you are exhausted!! LOVE the thank you cards! TOO cute! :)

Valerie Griffin said...

what a great weekend! those sweet treats look amazing!

Kristin said...

Girl, no wonder you needed a nap! Sounds like you had a super fun weekend!

P.S. The more adorbs crafty photos you put up, the more I want to go out and buy myself one of those cutting machine things! Seriously.