Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Diaper Bag Dilema

So I have started the looking for the ever so fabulous Diaper Bag....and I must say it is an odd search.

I started out saying I didn't want to spend a ton of money (which I still don't), but I just can't seem to find one I am in LOVE with....okay maybe one, but more on that in a bit. 

I tried Target....and while some of them are cute they all look like diaper bags. That certain material with all the pockets and velcro on the sides....exactly what I don't want.
I did find this one which is kinda cute and only $69.99.
JJ Cole Canvas Satchel Bag

It could work....but, I am not in love with it.

Here are my top picks...of course all the expensive ones....damn my expensive taste!

Petunia Pickle Bottom
Sashay Satchel in Misted Marseille 
Love this one, the shape, the colors, so cute! 
And it's only$170, which still sound crazy for a diaper bag...but totally doable! 
But is it too big?

Wishful Weekender in Moonlit Moments
I am also loving this one, just not sure about how big it is...I am ALL about a big ol bag...but is this overkill??

 Also in the pretty Misted Marsielle

And of course Petunia's Cake line.....only $349.
Cake by Petunia - Cosmopolitan Carryall

 Also comes in these fabulous colors....

And Coach, which I have to say wasn't totally crazy about all the options....come on, Coach.
But this messenger bag is kinda cute at only $298....I just don't know if I would always want a messenger bag.

And this one, which I have just started seeing recently....The timi & leslie convertible bag
This is pretty cute too...

And the seem to have a ton of options...what do you think??

And my fave....the lovely and fabulous Kate a whopping $418.

But it is sooo pretty and practical.....well, I guess practical isn't really the word...
And doesn't totally look like a diaper bag!
 Kate Spade

Soooo, I think my 2 top choices are these two:

But the more I look at some of those timi & leslie bags they just might work....and at a good price! :)

What do you think?? 
Which are your favorites??
So this is where all you new mommas come in.....
What did you buy?
What did you wish you bought?
What are the most important features?
Least important?
How often/long do/did you use it?
Help a sister out! :)


asj said...

that kate spade is to die for! do you get zulily emails? they have some cute ones on there sometimes (that's where I got mine from)

Valerie Griffin said...

they are all so cute!

Joey and Kristin Lindley said...

I have the timi and leslie convertible bag in the light tan and LOVE it! I've gotten so many compliments on it. After Hudson gets alittle older, I might switch to a smaller bag, but for now it has plenty of space for all his stuff! I'm really happy with it. And it doesn't look too diaper bag-y.

Amy Silver said...

Ohh I had this same dilemma! No one else seemed to understand the importance of a stylish (not Walmart, plastic-y) diaper bag. I did spend a lot, on a coach one. However, I don't feel guilty because I'm STILL carrying it 18 months later and another baby on the way. I would suggest something durable, that you can easily wipe or clean. I like having some pockets and a big one compartment on inside. I like the second one (weekender?) and Kate spade! The KS matches anything and doesn't look too bulky. I'm the epitome of the over prepared mom, so you may not use yours as long, but I still say its worth it if it's expensive.

Brittany {Coleman Chronicles} said...

Hi! I'm a new reader and just started following along with your pregnancy - congrats! As the momma to a (almost) 15 month old, I have lots of experience in the diaper bag realm! I have a PPB bag (the boxy backpack one) that I carried for the first 10 months or so until I got tired of carrying it. Honestly, all of the "compartments" inside it made it harder to find things because with a fussy baby, you can never keep everything in the same place. One of my girlfriends has that Kate Spade bag and really loves it, but it is pretty bulky because it's shorter and so wide. I'm now carrying the LV Neverfull in place of a diaper bag and wish I had just done a nice big bag from the beginning. However, the Timi & Leslie bags look really cute & functional - I love that the changing pad matches. If I had seen those when I was choosing, I think I would have chosen one of them!
As far as what's most important:
Make sure there's an easy way to hang the bag from your stroller - mall trips will be much easier! Also make sure it can fit easily everything you'll need -- the things I (still to this day) always have with me:
change of clothes, changing pad/diapers/wipes, sippy cup (or a bottle), snacks, bib
Okay - I've left the longest comment EVER! Excited to see which one you choose!

Krystal said...

I'm barely pregnant and I just bought a bag from totsy - it was a baya? I had never heard of it before... but for $30 and a mess of accessories I was sold. It had a changing pad, bottle insulator, wallet, wipes bag, etc. Will I need that stuff? Who knows. I'm pretty clueless on this whole baby gear thing. But, it was a good enough deal for me! I know tonight they have another diaper bag sale! Log on!

Delta Daisies said...

I loveeee the black/white Kate Spade diaper bag!

natasha {schue love} said...

The Kate Spade was JUST on sale! I would try to scope it out online and score a's such a pretty bag!

Molly said...

Sign up for emails from Kate Spade- I got mine for a great deal! They go on sale pretty often.

Wiz said...

Mine is Kate Spade. I love that its neutral so that I have been able to use it for both my son and daughter. Plus it doesnt really look like a diaper bag, so I would vote for KS. I have been very happy with mine. I just posted a blog yesterday that had a picture of it (I didnt notice that I did until someone commented that they liked it :))

Tiffany said...

I'm thinking there is no such thing as too big considering all the things your baby girl will need.
If the Coach bag is anything like their purses that would totally be my pick...they always have tons of pockets & space.