Monday, February 13, 2012

Weekend and The Grammys!

Happy Monday Ladies! 
I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 
Mine was good...other than the fact that I am sick...again...yes this sinus infection/nasal crap came back. Dammit. 
So I went home early on Friday to attempt to get some rest...
When I got home I found 2 goodies waiting on me....
First - on the doorstep, a sweet little goody back full of cupcakes 
from sweet little AR
 (check her out in her little Valentine's Day outfit!) Looove her! :)
 Thanks AR, Baby E and I greatly appreciate it! :)

Second - my planner from Sweet Tea Paperie! I ordered it a couple weeks ago and she sent it with a sweet little note...and it is perfect....
And it is sad how excited I am about filling in all of my dates...color coordinating of course! :)
Friday night was very low key...caught up on my DVR and at pizza on the couch with Oreo Ice Cream for dessert...oh the life of a pregnant lady! :)

Saturday we woke up ready to grab the guns....we registered!! YAY!!
We registered at Babies'R'Us and Target....all you new mommas or mommas-to-be please feel free to check them out to see if I missed seems I think of something else every couple hours... :)
Then I spent the rest of the afternoon looking up fabric for the nursery....there is so much fun fabric out there and I am so excited about getting Little Miss's bedding all together! :) 
I also watched Breaking Dawn and What's Your Number?....exciting weekend, right?!
I have to say I liked What's Your Number? better. I have seen all the Twilight movies...and I am so sorry...but I just don't get's like every movie is constantly building up for the next...there is only one it better be good! I don't hate the movies...I just to see what the big hype is...hence the reason I wait for the DVD.

Sunday morning we went to Church followed by a little grocery shopping and back home to clean and cook. They Hubs smoked ribs all afternoon and Miss AR came over again for dinner. 

We finished up the weekend with The Grammys and a little more Oreo ice cream.....Maylie was trying to be as cute as possible to get some!

So the Grammys...first off... sad is this?
She was my idol from like ages 5-9! I used to rock out her songs on the mantel like it was my stage.
And one of my very first compact discs was The Bodygaurd.....oh Whitney, you will be very missed! 

And of course....
I love Adele, she is fabulous and I am soooooooooo glad she won everything!
now on to a few of my red carpet loves...and hates..

Kelly this dress! And she looks fabulous!
 Carrie...I am normally not a fan of the long-sleeve 80s dress...but I love this white!
My girl, Miranda! Love this nude on this dress, so elegant and pretty!
See this is NOT to do this, see Fergie (coming up)...
 Cute and fun, and she is pretty!
These next 2 fall into the "I'm not sures, but don't hate"
Gwenyth...she just looks so skinny...I love simple black dresses especially with different lines.
Taylor, I like the idea of this...but it almost looks like something out of a Disney movie...
Now on to the no-nos...
First, Fergie.....
What the hell?! There are so many things wrong with this....
Adam Levin's gf (isn't she a VS model)...that is a little much honey....leave some to the imagination....or at least the next VS catalog!
 It's like a futuristic fish!
Oh Katie...this is not flattering at all. 
But I feel for the girl she did just go through a divorce..and her song was like a throwing the finger to Russell in front of the whole world! :) Awesome!
So that's all I got for this cold Monday in Nashville!

I do have all the awesome pics from the Gender Reveal those coming up soon...aaaaaaaaaaaand, my blog update should be done in the next couple days too!! YAY!!! So lots of fun stuff this week! :)

Hope you weekend was fabulous too!


Melissa Knott said...

You are so stinkin' cute I just can't get over it!! Yay for baby girl!!!

asj said...

so fun! hooray for registering and a relaxing/fun weekend!

love that planner - might need to invest in one of those for 2013!

Valerie Griffin said...

I don't care for Twilight either! I read all the books & they were decent, but I couldn't even get past the 2 movie. & Edward creeps me out...haha

jessica said...

ahh i loved what's your number? i swear it's so funny and seems more of a present day rom com.

as for adele. i am so happy for her. maybe some of these other girl artists (nicki minaj, katy perry, and gaga ) will realize that being completely strange and over the top isn't what the people really want.
and that VS model should be fired for wearing something she found at a trailer park.

Tiffany said...

Carrie looked amazing...what else is new?!?!
And Fergie has lost it with that outfit....usually I love her!!!
And as for Adam's Gf...what the HELL what she thinking....cover that stuff up girlfriend!!