Friday, February 17, 2012

Photo Update & Weekend!!

Happy Friday!!

And a good Friday it is....

Today is my month-end at work, and I am having a great month (yay!!)!
I am leaving at noon! 

Going to a big baby sale this afternoon!

Taylor is coming in town tonight and we are having dinner at Virago for girls night and sushi!

Having lunch with The Hubs' side of the family tomorrow at Bricktops for Grandma Reba's birthday

And then we are heading to the mountains!
Happy Happy weekend for this little lady! 

I will leave you with the latest from my photo challenge

Day 9 - front door
The heart decor on our front door
Day 10 - self portrait
First ever self portrait, not sure how I feel about this especially because I was sick in this picture and laying on the couch...
 Day 11 - makes you happy
My Hubs and My Pups! 
(notice Otto on the left side staring down his orange toy ring....he is just waiting for The Hubs to try and grab it)
Day 12 - Inside your closet
Color coordination is my friend, best friend.
 Day 13 - Blue
My pretty pretty new planner (which I loooooooooooove!) thanks Sweet Tea Paperie! 
(speaking of, click the deal in my sidebar to the left for 15% of their FABULOUS iPhone cases!)
 Day 14 - heart
The Hubs' Valentines Day Card - love it!
Day 15 - phone
Pic of my iPhone home screen
New paint colors for Elise's nursery! 
Day 17 - time
My pretty pretty Michael Kors watch from The Hubs.... I love it!

That's all I got today....Happy Happy Weekend to you all and I will be back on Tuesday!Photobucket


asj said...

have a blast this weekend in the mountains! can't wait to see what goodies you score at the sale this afternoon! :)

jessica said...

love the new layout/header. very simple and pretty. i color code my clothes, too.

have a fabulous weekend.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

just came across your cute!

Jena Roach said...

Sushi night with the girls sounds like fun! :) Love all your pictures. That watch is fab!