Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo Challenge update...

I talked about the first 2 days here

Day 3 - Hands
My baby girl's hand from the ultrasound last week. 
See her head to the bottom right, well she is facing up and her belling is to the left...that is her sucking her thumb or so it looks...that is her little fist in front of her face! Melts my heart!

Day 4 - Stranger
This is my Daddy at the top and my Hubby at the bottom...Daddy is fixin' up the new house...the stranger is that monster of a thing Daddy is standing on! :) 

Day 5 - 10 am
My breakfast, baby girl loooooves her some fruit!

Day 6 - Button
The sweet little button on Maylie's hoodie! :)
Day 7 - Dinner
Crispy BBQ pork chop, home-style mac and cheese and spinach salad...not the healthiest but ooooh so yummy!

Day 8 - Sun
Well, it wasn't sunny here in Nashville I took a cool picture of a picture of the sun.

Today is Front I will do that one this evening! :) 
Tomorrow is Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Kenj said...

I am having so much fun with this challenege.. I love your pictures!!

Christine said...

I live in Nashville!