Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Blog got a facelift!

Isn't it pirdy?!?!?!
For those of you in reader...click on the title and check out Cindy's handy-work! 

Cindy over at Blessed Design Studio did this fabulous design and I am looooooooving it! 

You will notice a few changes:
1. It's pretty new look, duh 
2. My pretty new title! 
Remember here, when I asked for some new suggestions because I felt like it was time for a change? Well one day, it came to me... A Lovely Little Life, because well, I love my Lovely Little Life! :) So there you have it!
(also if you are in reader, you can right click on the "First Comes Love..." in the right side bar and go down to rename and you can rename me "A Lovely Little Life" to stop any confusion!:) )
3. I have my own domain! www.alovelylittlelife.com! I feel so special!
4. I have those fancy little tabs at the top now...I will start filling those in in the next few days! :) 
5. I have social networking buttons, at the top right!
6. It is just flat out pretty, isn't it?! 
Thanks so much Cindy!! I love love love it!


The Smiths said...

I love the new look of your blog!!

Anonymous said...

Yay! Love it!!

Krystal said...

and it's awesome! woo woo!

Krystal said...

adding your button to my blog love page!

Laura said...

it turned out great!

Kristin said...

Yaaaay! This looks amazing, girlie! Love, love LOVE and so perfect! (P.S. LOVE the color scheme. Is it coincidental that it matches a certain someone's nursery color scheme?! Hmmm?!)

Valerie Griffin said...

Just lovely!

Aliya said...

LoveloveLOVE it!!!

Tabitha Mahoney said...

Love love LOVE, congrats.