Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Blogger Issues - Help!

Okay I need help....for the past 2 days when I publish a post it shows up on my actual blog immediately but does not show up in the Google Reader Feed or the regular feed on the Blogger home page for like an hour. WTH?!?!?!?!

Like right now, I am writing this at 9:56am central time...we shall see when it posts...

Anyone else have this problem? Or know who I can contact? I have looked at the "help" section of blogger...and that was a whole lotta no help. 
Please pass along to any computer/IT smart friends...this is driving me nuts!


Laura said...

it posted at 10:02 according to my blogger so that isn't too bad. On the bottom of your blog it says 9:59.

see ya in a bit!

Danielle Daughn said...

My blogger said it posted at 11 am eastern which is 10 central, so probably about the same time you hit the publish. It may have been a small glitch in the system, mine did that a few days ago. hope it works itself out. :)

asj said...

mine was doing that too a few months ago... SO ANNOYING.

did you turn off that your blog could not be found via google searches - I ended up figuring out that was what had happened to me!