Wednesday, January 11, 2012

WILW and What I am not loving so much!

 I am going to do WILW a little different today...I am going to add what I am not loving as well. Why you ask? Because I didn't sleep well barely at all last night and I am a little cranky.... :) 
So, here we go!

I am loving this fabulous new nail polish color I found.
I really wanted OPI's new color Wocka Wocka from their Muppet Collection (I got it on my toes at a pedicure a couple weeks ago and LOVE it!), but couldn't find it....
so I checked out Sally Hansen's Salon series and found "Wine Not" which is pretty darn close! And I may even like it better....
 I am not loving that it chipped really bad this morning....but hey, I painted them last Friday morning...that's pretty good!
I am loving all the sweet comments you all left me yesterday about our gender reveal invites! (you can see the post here)
They are some of my fave invites too and if you need any custom invites or cards, please check out my friend Jessica. She really is awesome and will make it exactly what you and point, my invites! :) 
I am also loving that sweet Katie "pinned" my invite and it has become very popular on pinterest! :)

I am not loving that I have to wait a little over 3 weeks for said party.....but it's okay, it will be here before I know it!
On that same note....check out my poll on Baby B's gender to the left! I have already gotten a few votes, can't wait to see what all your guesses are! :)

I am loving that we are have way through the week!

I am not loving that that means that I am that much closer to my "end of month" at work...and my deals are not where I need them to be!

I am loving that we are going to dinner at one of my fave restaurants on Friday with some of my favorite people!

I am not loving that it is for Taylor's farewell dinner...and she is making the long drive to PA on Saturday. :( What are we gonna do without her?!
(One of my FAVORITE pics of us ever! We asked for one more beer after Laura's wedding while we were waiting on our cab and they gave us a box full of wine, Canadian Mist, and vodka...awesome!) 

I am loving that my parents live here and I can go there for dinner during the week!
(we went last night)
I am not loving how much weight I am gonna gain due to momma's cooking!:)

I am looooving that One Tree Hill is coming back on tonight!! Am I the only one who loves this show...maybe too much?! And I love that Lucas is coming back at some point!
I am NOT loving that for some reason stupid Uverse is not airing it! WTF?! They are airing every other show on CW every day but for some reason they are playing a movie tonight. WTF!?! Good news is mom and dad still have Direct TV (I miss you DTV!) and are recording it for me!

I am loving my hubby & puppies very very much! 
And the only bad thing about that is I don't get to see them until 5:30! 

Well that's what is going through my head today! Head over and play along!

Happy Hump Day!


The Smiths said...

I still watch One Tree Hill as well and am super excited about watching it tonight. I actually listed that as one of my WILW items too. I'm kinda sad that its the last season.

asj said...

One Tree Hill is still on the air?!? haha, great list - hope this week flies by for you... it's dragging for me and I'm BEAT.

Jami said...

You jut got me so excited! I had no idea One Tree Hill FINALLY started back tonight. I love that show!

Courtney said...

I've tried the excuse moi color.. it is super sassy but I had the hardest time getting it to stay on my nails. its staying on my toes though!!

jessica said...

love the muppet opi collection. like i seriously love every single one. so fun and flirty. i actually have meep meep meep on my nail right now!

love that pic of you and your hubs with the pups. happy hump day!

Natalie and Lee said...

YAY for a another mommy blog! Just got caught up a little; going to catch up some more!


Love the invites BTW! :)

Emily said...

Dude - you're not the only one. Super huge OTH fan over here. Also super stoked that Lucas is returning. And Peyton-less. I like Peyton - but at least this way there wont be so many tears. I am so curious how they are going to end the series.