Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WILW & 15 Week Bumpdate

Happy Wednesday! Don't you just love that it is already Wednesday?!?! That means only 2 more days until the weekend! Well, after today...but still that's awesome! I think every week should be a 4 day work week....who's with me?!?!

We will start this lovely Wednesday of with a few loves I have.....

1. That Revenge is coming back on tonight...I love this show...if you don't watch, you should!

2. That one month from yesterday we will find out what this sweet little nugget in my belly is! :)
(how cute is this cake btw? I just found it when I googled.)

3. That I get to celebrate these 2 pretty ladies this weekend....bittersweet actually....
The one on the left, Jenny Crafton, is getting married!!! So we are going wedding dress shopping on Saturday!
The one on the right, T-Word, is moving next weekend... big sad face :( we are having 1 of 2 going away parties on Saturday night. We are OH so sad to see her go, but even more happy she is in love! :)

4. That as of Friday my folks with be Nashvillians!!! Yippee!!!
I cannot believe it, I have not lived this close to my parents since I was 18....and that's when I lived with them!
This Baby is not going to be spoiled at all... :)

 5. And most importantly, I love my husband. SO much! He has been so amazing lately, with my emotions all over the place, being fine one minute and exhausted the next, rubbing my back, bringing me breakfast in bed, and always making me laugh. I love you, Hubby, more than you know! :) XOXOXO

Now onto the bumpdate!

How Far Along? 15 weeks 4 days
Size? Avocado, 4-5inches/3-5ounces
Maternity Clothes? Still good so far, but I do see a little bump...and I am pumped about it! :)
Weight Gain? I am thinking about 6lbs, I go to the doctor Monday so I will get a more accurate number.
Stretch Marks? Still no sign of them....keeping my fingers and toes crossed!!
Gender? Will find out one month from yesterday!! What do you think?!?!
Sleep? Sleeping good these days, even pretty much sleeping through the many trips to the bathroom each night!
Food Cravings? Still loving my fruit, I am snacking on an orange as we speak. The sweet tooth is of course still there too!
What I Miss? same as always, having a few cocktails
Symptoms? this nausea won't seem to go away, but it is in small doses & my back, I feel like an old lady!
Best Moment of the Week? seeing a little bump making its way to my belly! :)


Kit said...

You look great!!!!

Jami said...

I love Revenge! Such a good show!

asj said...

so cute! I'm sooo ready for this weekend - here's to the next two work days flying by!

hope your nausea leaves soon and love your little bump! :)

I'm not quite sure on gender yet... hmmm time will tell!

Ashley said...

Love revenge as well!!! Looking forward to watching it!! P.s you look fabulous!

Andi said...

New follower here.

You look so cute! I hope your nausea passes quickly. If you haven't already, talk to your doctor about Zofran. I had terrible nausea and awful food aversions until about 2 weeks ago and took Zofran as needed. It's a miracle drug for a pregnant lady! I'm so jealous you're find out so soon. I still have 7 stinkin' weeks. :(

Anyway, I look forward to getting to know you!

Delta Daisies said...

You look awesome! That's amazing that you are craving fruit. Atleast it is something good for you! :)

Manda said...

I've been looking forward to revenge coming back on all week too!!

ps. you look amazing!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Sounds like a lot of fun things to look forward too! Good luck to your parents on the move, and how exciting that they will be so close!

You look great by the way!

Elizabeth said...

I love Revenge! It is a guilty pleasure show for sure! Congrats on your pregnancy!

Katie said...

I'm gonna say girl! just a hunch.
you look adorbs!!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

I too am so excited for Revenge to be back!

You are precious with that baby bump!

Michelle said...

New follower from WILW :)

You look great! I'm going to guess girl, purely based on your cravings.

On your back ... try putting a throw pillow behind your back while sitting at work/on the couch. I did that and it worked wonders!