Thursday, January 19, 2012

The pressure of a name....(baby girl edition)

Please tell me that title reminded you of Pretty Woman....

[Kit is trying to cheer up Vivian]
Vivian: Tell me one person who it's worked out for.
Kit: What, you want me to name someone? You want like a name? Oh, God, the pressure of a name... I got it. Cindafuckin'rella 

I could quote it all! 

But that has nothing to do with naming a child....moving on...

I am laying here sick in bed (boo!) just finishing up the french toast that my hubby made me before he left work (best hubby ever!!) and I thought what better time to blog about baby names?!?! 
On a side note, I am totally pregnant...I have not eaten syrup in like 5 totally grossed me out, still kind of does....but I ate every bit of my french toast today and yesterday! Totally pregnant....and more sugar cravings...girl???

Picking a big deal right? You just find a name you and your significant other both like and bam! your kid has a name, done!
Easier said than done...

If any of you are like me you have always thought about this....kind of like your wedding see ideas/names and you remember them and add them to your mental list for when you get married or when you have your first baby. You don't necessarily think about all the things that come with it...
what will the middle name be? will that flow with the last name?
what will people call them? any strange nicknames?
what are the other names you like for future siblings, will it sound cheesy with them?
what will the initials be?
what about family names? will that be a factor? (big yes for me, but more on that in a bit)
is it a cute name for a little one but also a grown up name for if/when they become a doctor or lawyer?
would people mis-pronounce it?
is it different without being weird? there is a fine line...

So yes, so many many questions and concerns but cool thing is,  this is a decision you make together, a decision that bonds you to this life you have created, a decision that will be carried on (hopefully) through the generations to come, and while that does bring pressure....that also makes it pretty cool! :)

We'll start with girl names, I had a fabulous list of fabulous names and could not wait to sit down with The Hubs to see which ones he loved too.....I was sadly mistaken....boys have very different and surprisingly very opinionated opinions! :) My fabulous list was sliced and diced down to about 2 names...but 2 beautiful names.
We then got one of those huge name books...not so much help. I mean really, some of those names...who does that to their children?!?!
So at random times I would throw some options out there and almost every time The Hubs would shoot me down and offer some odd name or some name of a person I once new so I of course couldn't name my child that.
Then one random night, I still remember...we were using a gift card at Outback...and I brought out a little list I had made on my phone....and little did I know that was the night we would name our possible soon-to-be daughter.

As soon as I said that name The Hubs turned everything else down. Even the names we loved before, he totally shot down. He said that was it, it was unique without being weird, sounded like an adorable little girl along with a sophisticated woman. I mean, how can you argue with that! 
I being the oddball that I am couldn't decide just yet, there were so many options..I didn't want to decide too soon...I kept trying other names other options...but nothing was as pretty as that...and a few weeks later we were set on the name of our possible baby girl! :)

Just to tease are several of the names that made our lists...our little nugget's name is in there if said nugget is a girl! :)
Sooo, what are your thoughts on naming a little one??
What are your favorites?


Victoria said...

I LOVE the name Sloane and Ansley, all of them are beautiful! I bet it is crazyyy hard to pick a name for your child, I'm still convinced my mother picked wrong! haha. Been a follower for quite some time, love your blog! And congrats sarah!


Andi said...

I'm with you on some of the names in the baby books and lists online. We've gotten a good laugh out of combining those with our last names.

I've had the perfect first and middle names for girl for 10 years and my husband liked it, so we only had to decide on a boy's name. Boys are HARD!

I love the names you've chosen!

asj said...

haha - I know those conversations all too well, that's how it was with us - once "the name" was said nothing else would do - I love those names, so fun! maybe it's a girl since the name is now picked so definitively, unless you have boys names too, haha!

Krystal said...

We have very similar tastes! Most of those names are on my list. I love names like Carson, Dylan, and Ryan for little girls. :)

Katie said...

I love your list! Two of your girl names are also on my list:) Great taste! Naming is SO hard...good luck!

Aliya said...

OMG... NOT only did I also write a post today about how hard it is choosing a name (we're also expecting a baby girl!)... but two of the names we're considering are on your list!!! Great choices :) Good luck! Also... new follower! :)

Anonymous said...

are you a grey's anatomy fan?? almost all of those names are characters on the show! ha love them though!

The Smiths said...

These are all great names. We are planning to use Lila for a girl if we ever have a girl in the future. But I also love the name Avery, Hadley and Addison. Can't wait to hear what you're having and what name you pick out!

Anonymous said...

We picked Dylan for a girl or a boy (not that we're having kids any time soon, but whatever) – I really want it for a girl, though. Love it! And if that's what yours is I don't even care. We'll just have matching baby names.

Anonymous said...

Oh and by the way, we came to that decision because every other name I love, Jason totally picked apart and said our kid would get made fun of for one reason or another. I was like, EVERY kid gets a nickname!! It's GOING to happen!! He was not giving up. It is SO hard! I'm glad we started this conversation now so that when we finally do have kids hopefully we'll have it figured out!

Molly said...

We received an unbelievable amount of unsolicited advice from people about this. After a certain point I stopped telling people our choices because they were so forthcoming (?) with their opinions. It's such a hard, but FUN decision! Once we chose our babe's name, everything felt/feels so real.

Can't wait to find out if you're having a boy or girl!

Mrs. Magnolia said...

This post cracked me up. Although I have no experience in naming a child, everything you said was sooo true!

I love Hadley and Ryan personally but they are all beautiful names.

natasha {schue love} said...

Such a great post...I agree with all the thoughts that go into naming! Now I am DYING to know what name you picked!! Ahhh the suspense!