Monday, January 9, 2012

A little weekend recap!

Well, it's Monday again....where did the weekend go....well, let me tell ya! :)

Friday I met up with my folks AT THEIR HOUSE!! IN NASHVILLE!! (WOO HOO!!!) and helped them unpack a bit then we all went to dinner. 
And when I say all, I mean all 8 of us...I have awesome family and they came in town to help the folks move!
And can I just say how excited I am that I can do that....any random Friday I can go to dinner with my folks. That makes me a happy girl! :) :) 

Friday morning I woke up fairly early......for a Saturday anyway......and met up with these pretty ladies 
to shop for a wedding dress for Jennifer (the pretty blonde on the left). 
We went out to The White Room in Lebanon, and lemme just say, I love them! They are all so sweet there. They have a fabulous selection and everyone is more than willing to help in every way. We went there for my first attempt at dress shopping and I left thinking I had to buy my dress from them just because they were so nice! 
Jennifer found 2 absolutely GORGEOUS dresses, both different and stunning in their own way, one was exactly what she went in wanting and one was exactly what she didn't want! None of us could pick which one was THE one....thank God her and her momma and sister are going back this week to make that decision! Either way she is going to be an absolutely stunning bride!

We then headed to lunch before hitting up the Lebanon Outlets....yes, there is a Coach outlet...yes, I cam home with 3!!

 We then headed back to Nashville to get pretty and cook for Taylor's first going away party. I suck and didn't take any pictures, but Taylor did snag this adorable picture of AR "dipping" her bread (please excuse that horrible face I am making....WTF?!).
 And I put "dipping" in quotations because it was a spinach dip that you had to scoop not dip, but she had seen all the girls doing it all night so when she got in my lap she had to dip it too! She pretty much just had her bread graze the top of the dip (every time she took a bite!) and then ate was THE cutest thing ever! 
I heart her...cannot wait for our little one to be here to play with her!! :) 

I also added some Valentine's Day is one of them...remember all the candy corn back in the fall??? Well I just added candy hearts instead! :) Isn't it cute!?
Sunday, I had a lazy morning catching up on "Say Yes To The Dress" and then went and met my folks for lunch and a little Lowe's shopping.
We went to Bonefish where I proceeded to eat too much Bang Bang's been a while since I had it and forgot how much I LOOOOOOOVE it!!
And then we tested paint colors....and we got some good ones!
It will be a light gray throughout most of the house and for the dining room a pretty navy, a light blueish-gray in the office, and a mocha/latte color for their bedroom....and then they will tackle the upstairs! :)
The Hubs and I finished up the weekend on the couch with Chinese take-out...I couldn't tell you the last time I had that....the baby loved it! :) 

So here we are, back on Monday...ho hum...good news is today I have Doctor's appointment this afternoon and I can here Baby B's heartbeat!!! Yippee!!
Aaaaannnnndddd, tonight there is a football game on...have you guys heard about it?! HAHAHAHA!
Now these are 2 evil I have to pick the lesser of 2 evils here....The Hubs has a bet against Alabama and I don't really know that they should even be in this game...but that is a whole 'nother conversation/ I guess I am going to have to go with the latter....but instead of saying Geaux Tigers, those are curse words for an Ole Miss fan, I will just say BEAT BAMA!!!!!!!!!!!

How was your weekend?! Who are you pulling for tonight?


Jami said...

I completely agree about the game. Hard to pick between those two but I think Im going with LSU for the same reason you are...dont really think Bama should be in that game either.

Jeanna said...

LOL My hubs has $200 riding on LSU... so yes, Beat Bama!! SO happy for you & your parents.. I wish my mom lived in the same city as me!

asj said...

such a fun weekend, that's so great that your parents are going to be close by - what perfect timing for them to move to town! :)

also, we have a $50 gift card to bonefish and I think we'll be using it sooner rather than later after seeing that picture of bang bang shrimp = MY FAVE. yum!

I don't know who I'm rooting for tonight, is SC an option? I wish.

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Yay for your parents finally being in nashville! Looks like a wonderful weekend!

Delta Daisies said...

Glad you had a good weekend! I'm an Ole Miss fan, too, but cheering for Alabama because of Sam's family. ha!

Ashley said...

LOVE bang bang shrimp, wow I am hungry now :)

Tiffany said...

I had heard there is a Coach outlet there! Now I am way excited and def have to go next time Im up in Nashville. Ohhh and I totally agree with the game.....all I wanted to say was Beat Bama!!