Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Christmas Re-cap

Well hello there!! 
I am soooooo sorry for my absence....I was taking advantage of my pretty much 2 week vacation....and it was awesome!!

I have a few re-caps, we'll start off with Christmas...

I didn't do too hot with taking pics....but I did take a picture of every single one of my mom's Christmas trees.....all 19 of them...yes, 19.

First, from top left to right....
Patio table tree, Kitchen tree, guest bath tree, patio floor tree
 Guest room 1 tree, master bedroom tree, foyer tree, family room tree
 Master bathroom tree, office tree, hallway tree, dining room tree
 Laundry room tree (ornaments are my old barbie clothes hung on barbie hangers!!), upstairs sitting room tree (notice Maylie), oops there are 2 of themm...., guest room 2 tree
Guest room 3 tree, upstairs bathroom tree...and I just noticed that I don't have either of the 2 Christmas trees!!
Yep, the woman is awesome when it comes to Christmas decorations! 
This is only the tree section of the decor....the entire house is pretty much re-decorated for the season...and I LOVE it!! 
There is so much that when they were house hunting they had to make sure the house had enough and preferably walk-in storage...it's awesome!

I also snagged a pic of the welcome/Christmas gift I got for Daddy...well it's really for Momma too...but anyway...check out all their goodies!

I also walked away with some AWESOME stuff.....I was clearly a good girl this year....or I am really good at fooling Santa... :) 
I got this pretty little Coach bag from The Hubby....... 
....along with another one from my MIL! I am so spoiled with Coach!
Isn't it gorgeous?!?!
I got a circut machine!! I see lots of crafty things in my future!!! YAY!!!

I got both of these pretty necklaces...

A subscription to these 2 magazines...

An AMAZING new knife set!!
I cut a potato....and it was like budder! SWEEEEEEEEEET!

This pirdy new duvet set....
Pretty much identical to the one we had, but cleaner without the little fuzz balls and a fun new design...I just love the crispness of white!
 I got tons of other fabulous little goodies...too much to be honest! :) My parents Santa loves me!

I got The Hubs got a Playstation 3 with games and stuff (I am going to regret that....) along with TONS of UT gear including a UT Magic 8 Ball that said this baby was a boy....just sayin'.....

He also got a record player, some clothes, more UT stuff, some hunting stuff, and lots of other goodies.

The pups got lots of chew toys, treats, and bones....see Mr. Man with the biggest bone he has ever had!
And baby girl slept like this the whole way home from Memphis....you think she had a good time?! :)
And of course Baby B got some goodies too! A bib and a burp cloth made by Great Grandma and a Sleep Sheep...it is so soft and plays heartbeat, rain, and a few others. And it is soooo soft! :) And a few gift cards that we can shop with very soon!
So all and all we had one of the best Christmases ever! It was the last one for me in Mississippi, which is bitter sweet....Mississippi was the place I called home the longest (I lived in 6 states before it) and so many of my very dear friends are still there...but now Mom and Dad are living 15 minutes from me!!! YAY!! And it was also the last one as just the 2 of us...next year will be here in Nashville with a little 6 month old!!! EEEKK!!!

I hope you all had an absolutely FABULOUS holiday and are having an even better New Year!

I have some pics from New Years and my 15 week bumpdate coming up too!! :)


My Life as A Plate said...

Looks like you had a fabulous vacation. I am so impressed with all of those trees! 19 wow!!! All gorgeous.

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

LOoks like you had a wonderful christmas! I am loving your trees!

Sarah said...

19 trees?! daaaaang! haha that's awesome! you did walk away with some goodies! Glad you had a good Christmas!

Delta Daisies said...

looks like you had a great holiday! love those necklaces!

Laura said...

I haven't seen you wear the quatrefoil necklace yet. LOVE it! oh Carla and her decorations! God love her!