Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Baby B's 19 week bumpdate!

How Far Along? 19 weeks, 4 days – only 143 days to go!
Size? Mango, 6.5 inches / 10 oz
Maternity Clothes? I bought some maternity leggings from Target and they are fabulous! I also invested in a belly band, and as much as I didn't want to...I love it, it makes my pants wearable for a little while longer! I'm actually wearing it in the above picture.
Weight Gain? hmmm, I am going to go with 7lbs...
Stretch Marks? Nope, but lathering up with that Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter!
Gender? We find out in 3 days!! EEEKKK!!! Cast your vote in my poll to the left! 
Sleep? my bed is my favorite place right now....yet, I still go through a couple of nights of not-so-good sleep and then crash early the next night
Movement? I think I felt it on Sunday...but have to to feel "that" feeling again...so not sure.
Food Cravings? anything with soy sauce and strawberries with whipped cream
Anything making you queasy or sick? hmmm, nothing today
Labor signs? this will be crazy when I answer anything other than no!
Belly button in or out? still in...and hopefully will be for a long time!!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on and loose actually
What I Miss? diet mt. dew....oh what I would give!
Symptoms? The girls are finally growing and this back pain only seems to be getting worse...you should see me try and get up off the couch....it's a sad sight...
Happy or Moody? exuberantly happy!! 
Best Moment of the Week? getting all the details together for the gender reveal party!
Looking forward to..finding out if Baby B is a he or a she!!! Duh!! :) 


asj said...

aw, you look adorable with your little bump! leggings = godsend. I wish I could live in them and/or sweatpants.

three days!!

Victoria said...

You are just the cutest pregnant person ever!!! :)


Kristin said...

How cute are you?! Ahhh! So excited to find out whether it is pink or blue! :)

Little Miss Southern said...

SO cute!!! Half way there almost!!!