Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Baby B & 18 Weeks!

How Far Along? 18 weeks, 2 days – only 150 days to go!
Size? Mango, 6 inches / .5 lbs
Maternity Clothes? well, I am in this in between stage...some of my pants are getting tight, but the maternity clothes are just too big yet....I think I am going to have to go with a belly band....and I don't know how I feel about that. Thank goodness for leggings!! 
Showing? More and more each hour I think... :) 
Weight Gain? hmmm, I am going to go with 7lbs...

Stretch Marks? Nope, but lathering up with that Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter!
Gender? We find out next Friday...and I CANNOT wait!!!! Cast your vote in my poll to the left! 
Sleep? When I get to sleep, I sleep fabulously...but once I am up to pee or the dogs or tornado sirens (crazy Nashville January!!) then it's really hard to get back....so again, I am tired a lot!
Movement? none yet, but I am still patiently waiting! :) 
Food Cravings? a had a big craving for deviled eggs last week...so I made some...for the first time ever! How have I never made those? And of course sweets, I also made a Key Lime Pie! 
Anything making you queasy or sick? hmmm, nothing today
Labor signs? this will be crazy when I answer anything other than no!
Belly button in or out? still in...and hopefully will be for a long time!!
Wedding rings, on or off? still on and loose actually
What I Miss? being able to eat deli meat...I was never a huge sandwich person until you told me I couldn't have one...I dream of Subway, Jimmy John's, Jersey Mikes....just typing that was mean...
Symptoms? Growing waistline! and still having back pain...I feel like in old lady.
Happy or Moody? I am back to happy!! And I know The Hubs is happy about that. I am so blessed and smile every time I think about it...which is quite often!
Best Moment of the Week? getting my first shower invite!! My cousin is due 5 days before me (how crazy is that!!) so my other cousin is throwing us a big family shower in March. I am so excited, got our flights booked today and slowly starting to tackle the research for the registry!
Looking forward to...feeling this little nugget dance around! :)  And getting all the details together for the big reveal party next week!! :) YAY!!!!

Happy Tuesday Friends!!

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asj said...

you're looking great! I miss deli meat too, I want a publix sub so bad! also, now I'm going to be dreaming about key lime pie for days... haha