Wednesday, December 21, 2011

WILW - good deals and craftiness!

Hello ladies! It's Wednesday....that means that Christmas is FOUR days away!!
My Momma called me yesterday and read me the menu for the weekend......including breakfasts, lunch, dinner, and a plate FULL of the most amazing cookies you have ever had!! 
This makes a pregnant girl VERY happy!!! :) 
Now onto a few loves for today....
I am loving all these holiday sales, yes I know I am supposed to be shopping for others...which I definitely have, but hey a girl can't pass up some of these deals! :) 
One this fabulous coat from Forever 21....but.... this color! I LOVE the bright royal blue, it is fabulous and goes with everything! :) 
And the best was $32!!!! And it is a good and heavy coat...thank you F21!!
I also ordered 2 pairs of boots from, a fabulous website I found from Miss Katie over at KC&KO....thank you Katie...I am now obsessed with this website!

I got these fabulous little booties...
I am even wearing them!
and these fabulous boots, but in black...I needed some basic black boots as I believe I have officially worn my other ones out.
They both fit perfectly are very comfortable AND I got them within a week for a total of $73!!

On to some craftiness...
Jere are some picture frames I painted for all the Great Grandma's-to-be! 
I went with the gray and yellow color scheme since we don't know what our little nugget is just yet...
 For The Hub's cousin, she is getting married next year so I painted something with her new initial! :)
 And for my most favorite thing I am loving....
....the fact that I unexpectedly got to see Baby B again on Monday! 
Long story short I have been having some horrible abdominal pain, so I called my doctor and they had me come in to make sure all was okay with the baby. They had me do an ultrasound and it was AMAZING, I can't believe the difference since 9 weeks! I got to see BB (Baby B's) little fingers, spine, arms legs, he/she was moving around like crazy. It was SO AWESOME! Good news is BB is growing perfectly and there is no sign to worry as far as the baby goes, thank goodness! But I also got the heartbeat again...which was 155 this time...that is girl I am not so sure on my little Baby B! :) 

Those are my loves today...head over to This Kind of Love and play along!


Leah @ Everyday Love said...

Love all your crafty creations!

asj said...

those frames are adorable! and those booties look adorable - what brand are those tights, I love those and feel like mine are never that dark! (does that make sense)

that is a fast heartbeat... hmmmm baby girl?! baby b is keeping you on your toes! :)

in other news, I've been watching 16 and Pregnant since 9am.... if these girls can do it, we can. that's my new mantra... and my little girl is never leaving the house past the age of 15.

Sarah said...

That coat is so cute!! I've been buying myself a few things in between buying gifts for others...haha so I don't think there's any harm in that ;) And those boots are hot!! I need to go check out that site!

Kristen said...

Ok, now I really want to go shopping. haha

Hope you have a very Merry Christmas! :)

Katie said...

ok so I love the bump pics so far!!!! but I had to comment on this post bc you included me :) ha those boots you ordered are awesome! I love!