Thursday, December 15, 2011

Spreading the word of Baby B!

This is one of the things I love about blogging.....sharing all of these amazing events in my life with all of you and having it stored on the world wide web for everyone to go back and read and reminisce about. Hopefully one day this little nugget in my belly will read this and see how unbelievably overjoyed we were about him or her and how very very very very much loved they were already!
Okay, sorry about the sentimental pregnancy talk....on to the stories!! :)

So I found out first...just me, Maylie and Otto. I'll set the scene....
It was Tuesday October 11 (how is that for a memory!??!), my boss was out of town so I was taking full advantage.....I wasn't going in until 10 (yeah, I love my job.). 
We had been back in Mississippi the weekend before form my 10-year Class Reunion so I was still recovering. 
At around 8:30 or so I realized I had already gone to the bathroom 3 times that morning....and had nothing to drink...hmmm? Well I had some pregnancy tests at the house from a few months ago when I thought we were pregnant, so I thought, why not? 
I hadn't exactly missed my period yet , but again I thought...why not? 
So, I took it...put it down and walked away trying not to hover over the poor little test and let it do its job.
2 minutes later I go back and see this...
Yes, a very very faint line. 

I stand there for minute, look up, look down, I think, nooooo...could it be? Look up, look down, think what if?!.....but it is sooo faint. Maybe I am just trying to wish a line there. So then I think...let's go digital...those suckers don't have the faded line confusion! 
So on the way to work I stopped and got one, whilst guzzling water the whole way. 
I get to work and almost immediately tested that sucker. 
(That was interesting btw, taking a test at work...but I was dying ladies! I needed to know!) 
I sit and wait in the bathroom....then, "Not Pregnant" pops up. 
Wa wa waaaaaaa. 
Yeah, I almost cried. But thought....I still think there was a line! Something was telling me not to believe this...
So I start googling "faint lines on pregnancy test", EVERYTHING says....if there is any form or sign of a are preggers! And to try again first thing in the morning as that is the best time to all my water guzzling may have hindered the test....
So I try not get my hopes up or jinx anything and keep it in. 
Yes, I didn't even tell The Hubs!! That was rough, but he always said he wanted it to be a surprise and I didn't want to ruin that moment with a "maybe". 
So the next morning I took a test again....still faint but more of a line.....
I was definitely more sure....but I needed that extra boost. 
And of course silly me only bought one digital yesterday....
So after a VERY long morning at work...I stopped at lunch I bought another on the way home....
I sat it down and walked away again....don't stress, Sarah, don't get too excited Sarah.....
.....and then Maylie, Otto and I walked back into the bathroom....and there it was....the most amazing word ever....
I just sat there for a minute, my hand it my mouth and the tears started. I couldn't believe it. I still can't believe it!
I immediately said a prayer to God thanking him while holding my hand over my belly. The whole time trying not to ruin my make-up as I had to leave the house in the next 10 minutes!
I really cannot explain that feeling. 
Something I have been dreaming about for so long. 
Something I, being the crazy planner that I am, perfect would that be to get pregnant at that time?! And here it is, it happened!! How did we deserve to be so blessed!!?!?!

The Hubs
Then I immediately called The Hubs, 
M-Hey honey, wanna grab some lunch?
H-Sorry babe, I can't, I have a meeting with client at lunch and then 2 more meetings this afternoon to get ready for.
M-Oh okay honey, well I guess I will see you later on tonight.
In my head- what?!?! no?!?! so now I am suppose to sit on this all day and tell no one!?!?! Ugghgghghghhghghghh!!

And the worst part, that night was girls night....our monthly supper club....and he was going to hang out with one of the husbands....
Me freaking out and not wanting anyone to know thought, well we can't cancel...they will know something is up....
So, I went. Pretending to sip on the same glass of wine all night long. 
(The only one who BFF, Laura, she was on to me.)

So pretty early in (like the first hour), I claimed to be tired and not feeling well and I had an early meeting. I got some looks, like WTF, Sarah? 
You see I am normally the last one there! I didn't care... I needed to get home and tell my hubby!!

I texted him on the way home and said, when are you coming home?
H - whenever why?
M - I am on my way now can you meet me?
H - uh...yeah... (exact words) 
Again he and the other husband were like what?! It's only 7, why is Sarah going home?!

So, I get home and he is already there. My stomach is all giddy and nervous.
And I hand him a gift bag....(something I picked up at lunch)
He says whats this for? 
I said, just a happy for your long/rough week at work.
He gives me a look but proceeds to open....
The look on his face, you I will never forget! 
He said, are you serious?!, with that big sweet grin on his face, oh my gawd!!!
He runs around the counter with that happy smile and laugh and grabs me and gives me the biggest hug I have ever received from him! 
I start crying of course and hug him back and say, yep..
First time to say it out was awesome and surreal!

One of the best moments of my life that I will never ever forget. It was perfect!

We spent the rest of the night picking out Mexican names for our little mexico baby! :) HA! 

The In-Laws
A few days later my In-Laws were coming in town to watch the pups while we went to Knoxville for the UT game. Well, we normally leave when The Hubs gets home from work...but we had other plans up our sleeves.... :).

My MIL kept trying to pack goodies for the road and I kept saying, well wait until The Hubs gets home and see what he wants to do. I could see the look in her eye like, "why don't you want my food? you always want my food?!". 
So The Hubs gets home and my FIL says, you better get on the road, the traffic is already bad. 
The hubs says yeah, you're right as he walks into the kitchen.
He says, well, I think we might stay the night & hang out with you guys and go in the morning.
The both look at him like he has 2 heads....why would you do that?!!?
He pulls the shirt out of the bag....and says well, Sarah gave me this the other night....
My MIL looks at me, looks at him, looks at the shirt...and then start screaming.
Screaming thank you lord, hugging both of our necks and making us each def in one ear. 
She then immediately starts rubbing my belly and patting kisses on it.
She was a little excited. :)

My Folks
The next weekend my parents were coming in town to start their search for a home here. 
They had just signed on the dotted line and officially sold their business and were retired.
Sooooo, when they got there we had a gift for them.
A happy retirement gift, if you will.
We had taken this picture earlier that week

so I framed it and wrapped it up. 
Well we got this one on video.....
you'll have to turn your head a bit, The Hubs was filming and he didn't realize the iPhone turns with you! :) 

SOOOOO glad we have that on video!!

For my best (out of town) girlfriends, I sent them the same framed picture wrapped in a pretty pink postal envelope with notes saying
"Call me before opening"
They both did, and had their fabulous reactions! One just kept saying, OMG, are you serious, OMG, I am going be an Aunt, OMG your boobs are going to get huge, OMG, your going to be a mom! The other started crying and saying how perfect it was. Exactly the reaction I expected from both! Next best thing to doing it in person!
And of course, Laura, well I told her the morning after I told The Hubs. 
So bless her sweet heart she has been having to keep this secret the whole time too!! 
She is awesome though, she bought Baby B his/her first gift along with the most adorable pregnancy memory book! 
She has been SOOOOOOOOOOOOO amazing the past couple months helping cover for me! Laura, I love you BFF!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU! 
Baby B and I and The Hubs appreciate it more than you know!! :) 

The other girls in fun ways with the pics and fake glasses of wine....good times! Needless to say everyone was surprised, but not really.....but oh so happy!! :) 

The Hubs, well he is different in telling his friends....he keeps telling people I "caught pregnancy in Mexico"! HA! Gotta know him to love him! :) 

Wow, this is a long post! But probably one of my VERY VERY favorite ones! :) 
I will end with a pic of the goodies our little nugget has already stocked up on. 

He/she isn't loved at all, huh?!?!
Can you tell we love our alma maters?


Kelly said...

What WONDERFUL stories!!! CONGRATS as well :-D

Katie said...

AWWWW!! I absolutely LOVE how you told your hubs! that is such a good idea that I will have to remember haha ;) this gave me chills!!

Megan said...

great stories and congratulations!

Melissa said...

Aw! I had tears in my eyes reading this! So happy for you guys!

Ashley @ The Sweet Life said...

So precious! I might have let a few tears slip out while watching that video! Everyone's so happy! Congrats :)

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

These are the cutest! I love how you told your husband! This is so much fun to be able to read along on your journey!

Jami said...

This is an amazing all your stories :)

Anonymous said...

I totally started crying along with your mom. What an amazing video!!

Delta Daisies said...

i loved this post! I'm so excited for you guys!! You're going to be a great Mom! What a wonderful video!!

asj said...

how did I miss this post!? I love it! such cute stories and so sweet and special how you told everyone!

AND such fun SEC gear, I have some pictures of our SEC gear that I'm posting next week (or the week after!) :)

Danielle Daughn said...

This is amazing! And super cute! congratulations. I'm so excited to keep up with you as you continue this amazing journey to bring another life into this world :)