Friday, December 9, 2011

Random Friday iPhone Pics...

It's Friday! The last day of what seemed to me the longest week ever!! 
So I don't have too much to say in...but I do have some pics from my lovely little iPhone to share with you! :) 

 Check this out....Christmas Cards from our Trash Man and Recycle Man! Made my day yesterday! :)
 The Hubs and I went to Zoe's Kitchen for take out last night (LOVE that place!!) and their Christmas tree was upside down! Don't know why I loved that so much.....but I did!!
How cute is this little Christmas Tree that my MIL gave me!?! It's all sparkly and pretty...which makes me LOOOOOOOOVE it!

And I wrapped about half of my Christmas presents last night. And I am LOVING the paper I got from Tarjay!
They look so pretty under the tree!!
 I was having fun with Hipstamatic....
 see.....and check out the labels I talked about here
and of course, a close up...
I loved how they turned out! I will definitely be doing this every year now! :) 
So for my weekend plans....
1. House Inspection at Mom & Dad's new crib this afternoon! Cross your fingers for us!
2. Tidy up the house
3. Date night
4. Christmas with The Hubs family, that was canceled so now I have a free Saturday to finish up last minute shopping....sad, but much needed!
5. My Office Christmas Party
6. Cuddle time with the hubs and pups on the couch with Apple Cider and Christmas movies. Sweeeeeeeeet!

Happy Weekend!!


asj said...

those labels are so fun and your tree/presents look so pretty - love those pictures!

happy weekend, sounds like a fun one! :)

Delta Daisies said...

so, so pretty! Looks great girl!

Anonymous said...

Loving the red & white wrapping paper!

There's a house in Hendersonville that puts an upside-down tree in their front window every year. From what I can tell from driving by, it is a seriously FULL tree with ornaments and everything (just like the one at Zoe's but huge). We always have to go look at it every year! Love it!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Your tree is so pretty, and how funny is that upside down tree!

Have a wonderful weekend, TGIF!

Alyssa said...

Those presents are gorgeous!