Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christmas Card help....again.... :)

Okay, so I just realized none of my cards showed up from my previous Holiday Card post....not sure what happened there...but I thought I would try again as I am about to order my cards! 
Yes, you read that correctly, it is Decemeber 1 and I have not ordered my Christmas cards....let alone adressed them and put them in the mail! 
Don't talk to me about it...I DO NOT like the slacker that I have become this year!

Any who I just can't seem to decide....Tiny Prints has SOOOOO many cutes ones....what are your thoughts on my favorites?!?

All of these Christmas Cards and MANY others can be found here. 

1. Can do green or red
2. I just love the colors!

3. LOOOOOOOOVE this font!!
but in red

4. This one also in red 
5. Cute! 
6. for the pups! 
7. Love the colors! 

So whatcha think? :)


asj said...

so cute! 3, 4, and 5 are my faves!

Anonymous said...

The first one and the fourth one are my favorite!

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Ashley said...

I like #1, but I realllly like #5. They're both sooo cute!

Caroline said...

I love #1 & #5. Soooo cute.
I probably spent at least 10 hours looking through potential Christmas Cards online... and designing/resdesigning them w/ diff pics. So fun!

Laura said...

my vote is for #3 in red or #5. either way...VERY cute!

Teresa said...

I like #3 and #5!

Katie said...

My vote is #3 also!