Sunday, December 18, 2011

My First Bumpdate!! & My Birthday!!

Happy Monday Ladies!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend! 
I am here on this most splendid Monday with my first bumpdate and....

It's my birthday!! :) 

First off, my very first bumpdate! :) 

I was slacking on the weekly picture taking other than 8 weeks, so I have that one and the most recent 13 weeks...

And that 13 week was on our way out the door Friday night and I had a loose razor back top on....not good for showing off the belly....good for this stage of pregnancy (aka I just feel fat stage), bad for showing belly progress! :) 
I promise to do better on the next one! :) 

How Far Along? 13 weeks, 27 more to go!
Size? A peach or a shrimp….how are those 2 things the same size??? About 3 inches long, and half of that is his/her head!
Maternity Clothes? None yet! Everything is still fitting....some a little more snug than others...

Weight Gain? Not really sure on this one, I think around 4 pounds 
Stretch Marks? Nope! But I mean, there hasn’t been a whole lotta growth yet…I am using Burt’s Bees Mama Belly Butter. 
 ***Speaking of, any other momma’s out there have suggestions on which creams are the best?
Gender? I am going with a baby boy, The Hubs thinks it a baby girl……we'll find out in a 6 weeks!!
Sleep? Easy to go to sleep, sleeping VERY well until I have to get up and go pee around 4:00….then not so much….
Food Cravings? Sweets! Candy, cookies, cakes, yes please!
What I Miss? Having a glass of wine (or several) at all these fun holiday parties
Symptoms? My “girls” are sore, back pain,  and still having lots of fatigue…..but the nausea is slowly fading! 
Best Moment of the Week? Being able to share the news with everyone!! :)

So that's all the baby talk for today....on to my birthday celebration! :) 

On Friday me and just a few of my favorite people went to dinner at Germantown Cafe, one of the best in Nashville if you ask me!

Here are the few pics I got....

Me and Laura

The Taylors, me, and their awesome present! 
They wrapped this pic/my most favorite wedding picture on a huge canvas! 
How awesome is that!??!?!?
One of the best gifts, EVER!

 One side of the table....
the other side, minus Tracy...she got cut out! :(
and me and my fabulous hubs who set it all up!
It was a fabulous birthday celebration, I am beyond blessed with the people I have in my life! 
I love you all and thank you for being a part of my b-day and for being just so darn fabulous!! :) 

How was your weekend?!?!


asj said...

so fun! happy birthday!! hope you have an amazing actual birthday today and you are looking GREAT! can't wait to watch you (and that sweet baby) grow! :)

Caroline said...

Happy Happy Birthday! You look too adorable w/ your little baby bump--Congrats girl!

Anonymous said...


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