Thursday, November 10, 2011

My CMA Recap - and a big Thank you!!

First of all ladies, I just want to thank all of you fabulous and sweet ladies! 
As you noticed in my not so fabulous post yesteday I was cranky and in a foul made it all better! :) Seriously, the sun came out, the hubs took me to lunch and I looked at my phone and had so many sweet comments from all of you! 
You guys are awesome and really know how to make a girl feel better! :) 
Reminds me why I love bloggy land so much! :)

Now onto the fabulous fashion from the CMAs! 
I am not the biggest Country Music Fan by any means, I like what I like and can't stand what I don't. I actually fast forwarded through a lot of the show just to see the awards (which is actually a very small fraction of the show) and the few performances I care about. 
But being in Nashville, both me and the awards, I felt the need to share my two cents. :)

First off, my girl Taylor. Yes, I said my girl. 
Now, I have not always been a fan of Taylor. Matter of fact, I used to get annoyed at her name or the sound of any song...especially "Tear Drops on My Guitar"...bleh/ugh/boo!! 
But some how I found myself liking one of her songs...remember "White Horse"? 
I secretly liked it and refused to tell anyone. 
Then my niece, who is obsessed with Miss Swift, was saying how bad she wanted her new CD last year, me being the Awesomest Aunt that I am, of course I had to spoil her! (wow, that was quite the butchering of a grammatical sentence...) So I got her the CD and we listened to it...
and listened to it some more...
and some more...dammit. 
I made my dad burn me a copy of it before I left. 
So yes, my closet weakness is listening to T-Swift. 
I am admitting it. 
Any who, I of course totally thought she deserved the Entertainer of the Year award (yay!) and I looooved her dress! :)

Faith, now I love her and was glad to see her back. But that hair....if you are gonna do that it has to be done correctly...and well, this was not. 
And the dress is great but would have been better with some big bold statement necklace...or her hair in a sleek ponytail and big earrings....something!
(speaking of funny was that skit with the Faith and Tim dolls?! HA!)
Hillary of Lady A. While I don't think this dress us extremely flattering on her I think she pulls of the look flawlessly with the hair and the dark lips! Fabulous job!
 Jennifer Nettles, I love this dress. The color, the sparkle, the flowy-ness...just love!
 I just love me some Kellie Pickler, she is so cute...her hair looks a little fried, but the dress is good.
 Love this wedding-dress-esque look...hate the bracelet with it. I noticed it when she accepted the first 2 awards...just doesn't flow....
Lauren Alaina, so cute and very age appropriate!
Did you see her present? She was so calm and bubbly! Impressive!
 Like this if they would have done away with the ruffle on her waist....
 What's with the pants suits Martina? 
At least this is better than the white one she performed in.....
 My girl Miranda...I love her! Really! She is so cute, doesn't give a shit about anything but being herself and she is a damn good songwriter! Proof, she won Female Vocalist of the Year for the 2nd year in a row last night...woo whoo!

(side note: I just downloaded her new album the other day and I am loving it! Check it out!)
 Nicole, stand like a real person. Smile like a real person. I mean she looks like a plastic Barbie.
 Sara Evans, I love her style. Sleek with that fabulous necklace! And the sleeve on that dress...fabulous! :)

Now on to the host of the show.... 
"Miss the absolutely amazing effing legs in the world", Carrie Underwood. 
Seriously. Look at those. 
(Didn't People magazine just say that Jennifer Lopez had the hottest legs in the world? 
Sorry J-Lo, yours are fabulous and all...but I think Mrs.Underwood/Fisher takes this one.)
Any way, I love that dress. Definitely one of my top 2. Great color, great sparkle, very flattering and fun!
Not sure how I feel about this one...It seems a little stiff to me....
 I like the "idea" of this but I can't get past the idea of seeing it as a contender for Kelly Kapowski's prom dress.
 No. Just no.
 By far my fave! Flowy, great pring, flattering, and still showing of those stems! :)
 What in the @$#& world is that? Is her dress throwing up? 
The sad part is the dress did have potential....
 Girly and pretty! 
Not of fan of the Claire's-esque headband though (you could see it better on the show..)
And the last one...She had to keep her arms just like that the whole time she was talking....seemed very uncomfortable....again, I love the "idea" of it.
So there is my "Fashion Police" moment for the I have any clout! :) 
But hey it's my blog and I can me Joan Rivers if I want! :) 

Did you watch? What are your thoughts?! Who where your favorites?

Happy Thursday ladies and thank you again for your kind words yesterday! 
It really did mean a lot! :)


Ashley said...

I was trying to decide if Kelly Pickler has had work done to her face? I hate that peach dress on Carrie... bad call!! Nicole did look horrible.. LOVE Faith Hill and over all enjoyed the whole award show!!!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love carrie, she had some great outfits last night! Nicole just looked down right terrible!

Katie said...

I didn't like any of Carrie's outfits! Personally I think I could style her better hahaha jk def. not but I wasn't a fan! loved the CMA's though :)

Jami said...

Loved reading this! I couldnt agree more with you about Nicole Kidman!! I love loved the skit about the barbie was great. I would absolutely LOVE to have Carrie's legs!!

Kristin said...

I really was kind of bummed with Carrie's attire last night. Especially the very last dress. It was just so awkward. :)

Katherine said...

I never watch the CMTs so thank you for the recap! So many gorgeous dresses - I agree, I loved Jennifer Nettles too - so pretty and flattering!