Monday, November 21, 2011

My Christmas Wish List, 2011

Okay, it is the week of Thanksgiving so I believe it is about time I make a list. 
I have about 80 random things that I think I need...but let's be serious....I don't. 
But here are a few of my favorites topping my list. 

First, I love simple little necklaces for everyday wear. I have a couple silver and one cute gold one, but I want an even simpler gold this...
(Only $30 from Etsy, here)
 or this one, $38

Another piece of jewelry...that I mentioned here....and here....just to point out a few...
Yes, the beautifulness that is the Rose Gold Bling Michael Kors Watch. 
Please Santa, I have been good! :) 

(here at only $250!)

I would also love a new pair of sunglasses...I have had my eye on these beauties for a while...
Aren't the fabulously pretty?!
Tom Ford, Jennifer style in Bronze/Brown.
Can be found here

And even thought I will buy expensive sunglasses every once and while thanks to The Hubs, with a price tag of $380 that might be a little much! 
But I can still oogle! :) 
That's why it's called a "wish" list right?! 

The Hubs and I are also in need of a new duvet for our bed. I still love ours, but with it being white with embroidery around the edges and 2 dogs, 2 years seems to be it's limit. I am in love with this one I found a while back. 
It comes in "peacock" and "midnight". I adore the peacock but that would be too  matchy with our wall color. I think the navy will look fabulous!! 
(found here at Amazon for only $105!) 

Next up, and this is border-lining need, a new knife set.  
We got the basics for our wedding, but I did not treat them all...and now I am paying for it. 
I need a good set, with good options, with a really good sharpener....and pretty, of course! I do cook a lot and go through knives quite a bit, so I believe it is time for a "big girl" set that I take care of and love and cherish! :) 
Like these....
(Only $299.95 from William-Sonoma!)

One of my favorites....the gift that keeps on giving....a good magazine subscription! 
My Grandma-in-Law gets me Southern Living every year and I LOVE it! 
LOVE IT I tell you!! :) 
Here are a few others I wouldn't mind getting every month! :) 

The new HGTV Magazine, I haven't read one yet...but I think with my obsession with HGTV I will love it just fine.
($15 for 10, here)

Cooking Light, I buy this one quite a bit as it is. I love the recipes in this, they all get me drooling! :) 
 ($24 for 24, here!)

House Beautiful, now this is just pretty to look at, let's be serious! :) 
($25 for 24, here)

and of course.... US's my smut....and my weakness...I can't help myself....
($69.95 for 56 issues here!)

For the home....
some new landscaping...or maybe even a landscaper...ooh yeah...that would be nice! 
We need new bushes in our front beds desperately!! 
I've only been saying that for a year now....

A new front door...I loathe our front door. 
Absolutely loathe it! 
I want this one painted a charcoal to match our shutters. 
($197 at Home Depot)

A new Coach bag would be nice amazingly fabulous and awesome Mother-in-Law normally takes care of this one! :) 

And of course the always good and safe cards.... :) 


So there you have it my friends....a few of my wants...definitely not needs! Seriously, if I were to get 2 of these things I would be happy! 

What's on your list? Anything I should add????!!! :)


Kristin said...

Two things:

(1) I pretty much live for Tom Ford Sunglasses. Seriously. I say splurge, girlie, splurge! :) In fact, I've asked for a new pair for Christmas myself!

(2) Can we please talk about my obsession with the Container store? D and I went yesterday and I just walked around for an hour or so saying, OMG I neeeeeeeeeed this too! I was pretty out of control, actually.

You've got some great stuff on your list, girlie! I hope you get everything you wish for...and more!

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

I love the michael kors watch! I have the horn Michael Kors watch on my christmas wish list! Hope your monday is off to a wonderful start!

Katie said...

I love your list. I need new sunglasses too I think :) I'm partial to the MK watch know I love mine!!! wear it daily!

Laura said...

love the duvet and the 2nd coach bag!
Im wishing for the MK tortoise shell watch though! AAAHH!!

A Wedding Story said...

I love that clover necklace!!!