Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheesy Christmas Goodness!

Happy Monday to you all!!

Did everyone have an absolutely splendid holiday weekend?! 
I did, everything was exactly how it should be....except for the fact that on the way home from Thanksgiving lunch The Hub's transmission decided to go kaput on us....
yeah, spent an hour on the side of the road. 
Just me, The Hub's, my folks, and lots of leftovers! 
Thank God for AAA and good friends that were still in town! :) 
 We'll find out what the damage is today....eeeek!

But other than that all was delightful! 
Spent Wednesday house hunting with The Folks (found some good options!), Turkey Day...well, you get it, then Friday was football watching and Christmas decorating!! 
Saturday I met Laura for a little shopping at Old Time Pottery and some lunch. 
I found some awesome finds there, my favortie....

two of these to go on the front porch! :) Only $24!!!
After the shopping I was pooped and spent the rest of the evening on my couch watching this...
(I was really hiding from the UT/Kentucky Game and the Ole Miss/MS State game...rough day for our household!)
Yes, I am a TOTAL Cheesy Christmas movie junkie! Between ABC Family and Lifetime I have enough TV to entertain me for the entire month of December!

I then went and did a little Christmas shopping in Sunday...along with a little me shopping at Forever 21...I couldn't help myself! :) 
Then went home and decorated the tree whilst watching you guest it....more Cheesy Christmas Goodness!! :) 

Here are a few that I caught over the weekend....

Anybody else love the cheesy goodness as much as I do?! :) 

Happy Monday all!!


Hilliary Meisner said...

I love ABC family's 25 days of Christmas, so cheesy but I love it! Hope your week is off to a great start!

Mrs. S said...

Girl, I was hiding from the UT/KY game too--- embarrassing!

Anonymous said...

Ohhh, I *love* the trees for your front porch! I think I might steal that idea. We didn't decorate our house at all last year because a) we were still in "post-moving" mode, and b) we went to my parents' house in Florida through Christmas Eve. So I am looking for any cheap ideas this year. Cheap, but stuff that will hopefully last at least a few years.