Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Ho Ho Ho Pinteresting!

Happy Wednesday Ladies! How is it already Wednesday? This week is flying by, which is always a good thing! :) 
My week has been pretty uneventful. Filled with cooking, working, back to working out after the calorie explosion that was Thanksgiving, getting a flu shot, and watching Real Housewives. Exciting, huh?!

So with the Christmas spirit englulfing me more and more each minute, I thought I would do my Christmas Themed Oh how Pinteresting! Sound good? Okay, good!


Love these trees...I need to find time to do them...I think a crafting party is an order....

And while I am at it, I will make this too! I always run out of room for my Christmas Cards!

I love how clean and bright and pretty this is! Why is it every house I love is all white? The pups won't have it.....

Love this idea! So cute and cheerful! :)

Simple yet fabulous....I thought about doing something similar with my candles and candy corn from the Fall. Swapping out the candy corn for peppermint pieces! 
Who doesn't love letters?!!? I put a "B" on my wreath too! :)

I just want a dining room so I can do pretty things like this!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

And these....GENIUS! I need them!!

Had to add this one!! Saw it on The Vintage Apple, how awesome!! 

So those are some of my favorite Christmas ideas! :) 
I have to remember to take pics of all my Christmas decor to share with you ladies!! I will try and do that over the weekend and share next week! 
You do the same, mmmkay?! :)

Monday, November 28, 2011

Cheesy Christmas Goodness!

Happy Monday to you all!!

Did everyone have an absolutely splendid holiday weekend?! 
I did, everything was exactly how it should be....except for the fact that on the way home from Thanksgiving lunch The Hub's transmission decided to go kaput on us....
yeah, spent an hour on the side of the road. 
Just me, The Hub's, my folks, and lots of leftovers! 
Thank God for AAA and good friends that were still in town! :) 
 We'll find out what the damage is today....eeeek!

But other than that all was delightful! 
Spent Wednesday house hunting with The Folks (found some good options!), Turkey Day...well, you get it, then Friday was football watching and Christmas decorating!! 
Saturday I met Laura for a little shopping at Old Time Pottery and some lunch. 
I found some awesome finds there, my favortie....

two of these to go on the front porch! :) Only $24!!!
After the shopping I was pooped and spent the rest of the evening on my couch watching this...
(I was really hiding from the UT/Kentucky Game and the Ole Miss/MS State game...rough day for our household!)
Yes, I am a TOTAL Cheesy Christmas movie junkie! Between ABC Family and Lifetime I have enough TV to entertain me for the entire month of December!

I then went and did a little Christmas shopping in Sunday...along with a little me shopping at Forever 21...I couldn't help myself! :) 
Then went home and decorated the tree whilst watching you guest it....more Cheesy Christmas Goodness!! :) 

Here are a few that I caught over the weekend....

Anybody else love the cheesy goodness as much as I do?! :) 

Happy Monday all!!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Turkey Day!!

Hi Folks! Can you believe it? Tomorrow is freakin' Thanksgiviing!! 
Seriously, how is it already Thanksgiving?!?!
I am so ready for the holidays though, this is just the best time of year. 
I get all nostalgic and cheesy for the next month, so please excuse me. 

My folks got in town last night, yay!!! We are doing some more house hunting for them today....thought that was already done, so much for my big surprise.....:( oh well, I know that they will find the most perfect home and be here before we know it! :) 

Tomorrow we are all heading to The Hub's family a few towns over for some good old fashioned southern Thanksgiving...I have a feeling I will gain about 10 pounds in a few hours....but this will be the first time both families are together...should be interesting!

Then back home tomorrow to start with all the Christmas decor!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!!!
Can you tell I am excited? 
I have been waiting patiently to allow Thanksgiving to have it's own holiday and not stomp all over its day.

That being said, here are a few of my favorite finds on pinterest!

Happy Turkey Day to all and to all a safe Turkey Day!! :)

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

I can't "contain" myself!!

Bahhahahhaa! I crack myself up with that post title! :) 

But for serious, The Container Store, Oh. My. Gawd. 

Nashville is the proud new owner of the newest Container Store and even though it may be smaller than it's brothers and sisters, it does not lack in awesomess. 

My BFF and I went on Saturday....and we were there for an hour and a least.
I decided to start taking pictures half way through the store because I felt the need to share with all of you (don't you feel loved?!).
First...these amazing wall decorations....they are plastic...and look like they are metal or something....and you get 4 of them for $10. Uh, yes please! They were out of stock in the store but the nice man told me he could order them for me. I have many idea for their use.....
Next this awesome kids has a roll of paper attached so that you can roll new blank sheets out when you fill it drawers are filled with all kinds of paints and markers and crayons and glitter, oh my! I am 28 years old and I want that now!
Next, my favorite aisle....the wrapping paper aisle....please notice Laura running in pure joy down the aisle... :). Seriously, THE cutest paper, boxes, bows, ribbons, bags, everything you could possibly imagine. And then some. I am such a dork.
And that was just the "everyday" is a few pics of the MASSIVE holiday section....
yeah, I couldn't fit it in to 2 pictures....
next, the tupperware aisle.....huge....
massive.....oh, the damage I could do in that store.....
But I was good this trip, I only came out with 2 things:
First, this handy dandy gift wrap organizer! I have seen them at Target and Wal-Mart for years but they were always like $50....and didn't have good little pockets for everything...this sucker does! And it was only $15!

And a fabulous scarf hanger....VERY much needed for my scarf addiction. I had a huge box with them all in there but every time I want one I would make a huge mess digging for it...problem solved!! This isn't the exact one, actually the one I got holds like 25 (and it is full)....but you get the idea! :)
So needless to say, I have found a new love here in Nashville. Somewhere else to buy things I "need"......
If you are local, go check it out, if not here is the's fun, but not quite as fun as the store... :) 

Have you been? What did you find....something you/I can't live without?! :) 

Happy Tuesday ladies....but just think....tomorrow is Friday!! And a short Friday at that for me! YAY!

Monday, November 21, 2011

My Christmas Wish List, 2011

Okay, it is the week of Thanksgiving so I believe it is about time I make a list. 
I have about 80 random things that I think I need...but let's be serious....I don't. 
But here are a few of my favorites topping my list. 

First, I love simple little necklaces for everyday wear. I have a couple silver and one cute gold one, but I want an even simpler gold this...
(Only $30 from Etsy, here)
 or this one, $38

Another piece of jewelry...that I mentioned here....and here....just to point out a few...
Yes, the beautifulness that is the Rose Gold Bling Michael Kors Watch. 
Please Santa, I have been good! :) 

(here at only $250!)

I would also love a new pair of sunglasses...I have had my eye on these beauties for a while...
Aren't the fabulously pretty?!
Tom Ford, Jennifer style in Bronze/Brown.
Can be found here

And even thought I will buy expensive sunglasses every once and while thanks to The Hubs, with a price tag of $380 that might be a little much! 
But I can still oogle! :) 
That's why it's called a "wish" list right?! 

The Hubs and I are also in need of a new duvet for our bed. I still love ours, but with it being white with embroidery around the edges and 2 dogs, 2 years seems to be it's limit. I am in love with this one I found a while back. 
It comes in "peacock" and "midnight". I adore the peacock but that would be too  matchy with our wall color. I think the navy will look fabulous!! 
(found here at Amazon for only $105!) 

Next up, and this is border-lining need, a new knife set.  
We got the basics for our wedding, but I did not treat them all...and now I am paying for it. 
I need a good set, with good options, with a really good sharpener....and pretty, of course! I do cook a lot and go through knives quite a bit, so I believe it is time for a "big girl" set that I take care of and love and cherish! :) 
Like these....
(Only $299.95 from William-Sonoma!)

One of my favorites....the gift that keeps on giving....a good magazine subscription! 
My Grandma-in-Law gets me Southern Living every year and I LOVE it! 
LOVE IT I tell you!! :) 
Here are a few others I wouldn't mind getting every month! :) 

The new HGTV Magazine, I haven't read one yet...but I think with my obsession with HGTV I will love it just fine.
($15 for 10, here)

Cooking Light, I buy this one quite a bit as it is. I love the recipes in this, they all get me drooling! :) 
 ($24 for 24, here!)

House Beautiful, now this is just pretty to look at, let's be serious! :) 
($25 for 24, here)

and of course.... US's my smut....and my weakness...I can't help myself....
($69.95 for 56 issues here!)

For the home....
some new landscaping...or maybe even a landscaper...ooh yeah...that would be nice! 
We need new bushes in our front beds desperately!! 
I've only been saying that for a year now....

A new front door...I loathe our front door. 
Absolutely loathe it! 
I want this one painted a charcoal to match our shutters. 
($197 at Home Depot)

A new Coach bag would be nice amazingly fabulous and awesome Mother-in-Law normally takes care of this one! :) 

And of course the always good and safe cards.... :) 


So there you have it my friends....a few of my wants...definitely not needs! Seriously, if I were to get 2 of these things I would be happy! 

What's on your list? Anything I should add????!!! :)