Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Weekend & Anniversary Recap

Hi Ladies! First of all, I just wanted to thank all of you for your kind words and suggestions on my blog name. I think we will stick with it (as several of you suggested) until something screams at me! :) I loved all of your thoughts and suggestions and I love love love the blogging world, you ladies are spectacular!! :)

So I need to upload all of my pics from Mexico but in the mean time I have some fun pics from the weekend and last night on my phone so I thought I would share those! 
First, Saturday night was a dear friend of mine's 30th birthday party. They had a party at their home....and let me tell you, these 2 know how to throw a party!!

Here is the birthday girl!

The catered Mexican food....yuuuuuummmmy!!

The outside area, complete with a bar and bartender, cocktail rounds topped with beautiful flowers and candles, pom-poms, and tiki torches!

Inside, the cake and sweets! Please notice the plate of s'mores fixin's that we later roasted over the fire pit!

 Even had water bottles for her!
(They had it on the wine bottles too...but I failed to snag a pic)

Me and The Hubs...notice said fire pit in the background....

 Chocolate Ganache cake....mmmmmmmm!

Poster with all of her baby pictures! :)

 Me and my sweet little momma-to-be....just a couple weeks!

 One of my favorite couples!

 Then Sunday we went to some friends house who smoke some chicken and ribs (YUM!!) and here is The Hubs sitting at the table for the soon-to-be 1 year old....had to snag a pic!

Then as mentioned here, yesterday was our 2-year anniversary. My sweet sweet Dawn (the momma-to-be above) brought me a card and 2 Gigi's cupcakes....how sweet and wonderful is she!? And how yummy do these look? White Midnight Magic and Wedding Cake...perrrrrrrrfect!

 Then, The Hubs came home with flowers and champagne!

We went and grabbed dinner then came home and celebrate with the champagne and our wedding flutes from my fabulous Maid of Honor and Best Friend and all the cards...it was a good day! :)

Very blurry picture...bad iPhone! But we were happy! :)
So, that was our Anniversary...and a very good one at that! Hope you all had a good Monday too! :)


asj said...

so sweet, looks like a great party & happy anniversary! :)

Hilliary@ Happily Ever Healthy said...

Looks like a great birthday party1 You two both look so happy! Congrats again!