Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Pintresting & Loves

I am loving how sweet my parents are....check out what they got us for our 2nd Anniversary...
Yep, that's a cotton tree (cotton is the 2nd Anniversary gift) and what you may or may not be able to see is that my adorable mother tied on money all over the it's like a money tree!! :)

You guys are TOO freakin' cute and sweet!! 

I am really loving this new fall berry wreath I found! I love wreaths with berry thingees on them...I have a Christmas and a Spring one....and now a fall!! Thank you Tar-Jay!
 I am loving that my sweet parents spent the last 3 days here house hunting! And are probably coming back this weekend to do some more! :)
I am loving this cute little family.....Family  Zoe..
Did you guys watch the finale of The Rachel Zoe Project?! 
How cute was she with little Sklyer?! And how precious is little baby Zoe!??!
I am also loving that whilst watching the commercials (which I never do) I saw two fabulous things...

1. This Sunday night, they are doing a special on The Real Housewives of Atlanta...before they were famous...uh, yes please.
And 2.This little cutey....Mr. Brad...former stylist of Rachel getting his own show! Yes, it is called, It's a Brad Brad World!

Okay, on to my pinterest loves....

This color palate...I adore!! The mirrors and the side table...I die! (okay I have been watching Rachel too apologies.)

I LOVE the twig pumpkins!

LOVE that subtle striped wall!

My dream foyer...LOVE the color of the floors and that white crispness...oh to dream!
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

Lace wrapped around jars, then spray painted, then removed = lovely!

Cookies with Reese's Pieces and fruit roll ups...TOO CUTE!

Love these....but would I get Mississippi or Tennessee?!??! Hmmmm....
Source: via Sarah on Pinterest

I am not even a pancake person...but The Hubs is....these Birthday Cake pancakes will be perfect for breakfast in bed next year! :)

Well, that's what I got for today! 

Happy Wednesday!!


Zara said...

I love the anniversary gift. Our 2nd year is coming up and I've been trying to come up with a good gift idea. I might have to do something along the lines of the tree. :-)

Ashley said...

o girl I LOVE YOUR PINS! im gonna follow you!:)

Kit said...

Great loves!!! Hope you have a great day!

birdie to be said...

Love your pins! That porch is gorgeous! Same with the dark hardwood floors! And those birthday pancakes look fantastic!

Geezees Custom Canvas Art said...

Aw, your parents anniversary gift is so the idea of a cotton tree!

Laura said...

LOVE that cotton plant....i wanna know where they got it. such a great idea!