Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Happy Fall Y'all!!

Well, I was looking at my BFF's blog and her post of all her Fall decor when I realized I have not shown you mine! :)

It's not much, but it does make me happy every time I come home....I just love holiday decor! :)

First up, my door sign.....I got it at the Dollar Tree two years ago! You can't tell from the picture, but the writing is all sparkly and fun!
 Our front porch, if you can't tell...I LOVE mums! 
(please disregard the dead ones planted under the yellow ones.....they died while we were in Mexico...but are slowly coming back! :))
 little close up of my "B" 
Thank you Pinterest!
 Our kitchen buffet, please notice the pumpkin napkins hanging on the oven behind! 
Our table centerpiece, candles with candy corn.
Thank you again, Pinterest!
More candy corn (it's dangerous!) and my scentsy which is filled with....
 this....and I LOOOOOOOOVE this scent!
It really does smell like the perfect Fall evening in my house every day! 
(speaking of, I also bought the Pumpkin Roll and Christmas Cottage for the rest of the Fall season! If you don't have scentsy...get it! I LOVE IT!)
Speaking of fabulous Fall scents.....my mother in law got me the Pumpkin Butter WoodWick candle over the weekend and oh my fabulousness!! I have it in The Hubs' man cave and it even smells like Fall down there! :)
 And last, but not least...our mantle. Fall leaves and my $1 "Boo" sign from Target. LOVE it!

So there is all my Fall decor....I am slowly doing more projects and will post after they are done. 

Happy Tuesday and more importantly, Happy Fall!!

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Unknown said...

I came across your blog whilst blog hopping. I read your bio and your story sounds a bit like the story of my wife and I.

We became friends first, dated, engaged, married. Love it. Being married to your best friend is the best, isn't it? I think friendship is an often overlooked, and essential, part of marriage.

Nice decor, btw.

Ben Cabe