Monday, October 17, 2011

Gorgeous Weather - Not so good football.....

Happy Monday Folks! 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend enjoying this AMAZING weather!! 
Seriously, this is THE Most Wonderful Time of the Year! From now until December...I am a HAPPY girl! :)

So onto the second part of my title.......the not so good was a rough one for Ole Miss and UT. Both were expected (especially my poor terrible Rebels)...but still stung a little bit.

Here are the very minimal pictures I took......

Us at the game

Okay, please focus on the guy 4th down....head to toe purple and gold...earrings, stickers on his face.....your typical terrible LSU fan. Sorry if you are an LSU understand with me being a Rebel and all. :) But needless to say, LSU has some interesting fans.....
And here are a few videos, if you have never been to Neyland is an experience every college football fan should experience. 110,00 people screaming Rocky Top and cheering as they run through the "T".....even if you aren't a UT fan you feel it. 
This doesn't do it full justice, but gives you an idea....

We got to spend some much needed time with the in-laws, some outdoor time with the pups, and then some lazy couch time to watch the new Scream movie
(which was actually pretty good....I loved all the Scream movies)

So all and was a DE-LIGHTFUL weekend!

Hope yours was good too!

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Katie said...

We watched Insidious which was FREAKISH. Have you heard of it?? It was really scary. Billy wanted to turn it off at one point and then I called him a big wuss hahaha we thought about renting scream 4 but I always feel like they are cheesy! was it??